UPDATE: Child hit by car on Lawndale Drive

This morning a Tupelo Public School District student was struck by a car on Lawndale Drive while crossing the street to board the bus. The bus arm was down, a TPSD Bus Monitor was properly positioned in the roadway, and the monitor attempted to get the car to stop. This incident is being investigated by the Tupelo Police Department.
Paramedics were called to the scene, but the mother stated that she would take the child to seek medical attention.

The TPSD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Randy Shaver work closely with the Transportation Department to continually review traffic policies and patterns to ensure that our students are safe on the way to and from school. As always, the ultimate concern of the TPSD Transportation Department is the well being and safety of our students.
The condition of the child was not immediately known.

Tupelo Public School District

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