UPDATE: Curtis family says 'distraught' over charges against Kevin


TUPELO – A one-page email from the “Family of Kevin Curtis” this afternoon expresses their shock and concern at events leading up to his federal arrest in Corinth on Wednesday.
They also claim he suffers from a bipolar mental disorder and cannot be forced to take needed medication.
Kevin Curtis, 45, stands accused of two federal counts that via letters he threatened President Obama and others, including U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Tupelo.
The statement was issued through family friend, Tupelo attorney Jim Waide.
It states:
“Our family is distraught to learn of the claims being made that my brother, Kevin Curtis, sent poison to public officials. We know none of the details about these claims, and we have been furnished no evidence as to the allegations made against Kevin.
“We are, however, far too familiar with Kevin’s lengthy history of mental illness. For years, our family has struggled to obtain medical assistance for Kevin, who has been diagnosed as bipolar.
“Our family succeeded approximately three (3) years ago in finally persuading Kevin to take medication prescribed for that disorder. Unfortunately because his mental problems cause Kevin to believe he does not require medical treatment, he refused to continue to take the medication.
“Sadly, we have been informed there is no legal way for us to force him to follow his doctor’s instructions.
“When Kevin is taking his medication as prescribed, he is a loving, compassionate person. He is also highly intelligent with enormous potential. Our family is hopeful that the federal government will do something to provide some assistance for Kevin’s mental illness.
“We also pray that this situation might create something good by bringing to the public’s attention the lack of any way to provide meaningful medical treatment to those persons like Kevin, who so desperately need it.
“Sincerely, Family of Kevin Curtis.”
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