UPDATE: Dutschke denies any involvement with ricin-letter plot

By Patsy R. Brumfield / Daily Journal

TUPELO – Former Tupelo martial arts instructor J. Everett Dutschke insists he had nothing to do with a ricin-letter plot against President Obama and other officials for which a Corinth man is under investigation.
“I categorically deny it,” he told the Daily Journal about 4:15 p.m., a few hours after a break in a federal court proceeding to present evidence against Kevin Curtis.
“I met the guy on two occasions,” Dutschke said in a telephone conversation. “I wasn’t going to be pulled into his fantasy world.”
He did, however, admit he met with the FBI last Thursday, saying agents came to his house and he gave them permission to search it.
Dutschke said he had worked with Curtis’ brother, Jack, but not with Kevin.
“He almost had my sympathy,” the former legislative candidate said, alluding to his own legal problems with three Lee County indictments against him on fondling charges.
He also admitted to what he termed a brief confrontation with Curtis in 2010, claiming Curtis posted a Mensa certificate on his MySpace site. Dutschke said it was a fraud and ultimately was removed.
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2:00 P.M. POST
OXFORD – No evidence presented in court today indicates Kevin Curtis sent poison-laden letters to President Obama and others, said Curtis’ attorney
Christi R. McCoy after the hearing was ended by a judge’s schedule problem.
“I just don’t see it,” she said about 2 p.m. after the hearing was reset for 10 a.m. Tuesday.
McCoy said she and co-counsel Hal Neilson have asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office to declare the situation “no harm, no foul” and at least let their client out on bail while the investigations continue.
“We understand … evidence made it look like Kevin did this,” McCoy noted. “The family understands they (the government) had to move quickly, but now we believe they should be satisfied there is no criminal threat from Kevin Curtis.”
Tuesday, the government is expected to call to the stand Tupelo attorney David Daniels, who got into an altercation with Curtis in 2003, and perhaps a law enforcement officer reportedly familiar with a situation involving Curtis in Chicago back in the 1990s.
“We didn’t find most of today’s testimony relevant,” McCoy added.
12:30 P.M.
OXFORD – Kevin Curtis’ attorney suggested today that threatening letters to elected officials could have been sent by someone else, such as J. Everett Dutschke of Tupelo, indicted in Lee County on child molestation charges.
Dutschke, a martial arts instructor out on bond awaiting trial, and Curtis apparently had a long-running email feud. Curtis’ parents also emailed Dutschke to tell him to back off.
Today’s testimony is a continuation from Friday, when Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander heard government and defense arguments about whether Curtis’ case should be bound over to a grand jury. His bail also was at issue.
Curtis, 45 of Corinth was arrested last Wednesday by federal authorities on accusations he mailed threatening letters laden with the deadly poison ricin to President Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker and Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland.
Defense counsel Christi R. McCoy of Oxford pressed FBI investigator Brandon Grant on Friday to tell the court what direct links and direct evidence he had to show Curtis was responsible.
Grant said he did not have any, although he expected evidence from a far-flung investigation into the allegations.
Over the weekend, investigators scoured Curtis’ home, his vehicle and his ex-wife’s home and reportedly failed to discover any incriminating evidence, McCoy said late Sunday.
Prosecutors for the hearing are assistant U.S. attorneys Chad Lamar and John Marshall Alexander.
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(Below is a running account from today’s hearing. Some information is paraphrased. Please excuse the typos and glitches likely as I type rapidly.)
10:30 – Curtis escorted into courtroom. Orange jail garb, ankle shackles, handcuffs. Cuffs now unlatched. McCoy co-counsel is former FBI agent Hal Neilson.
10:39 – Alexander back in courtroom. Calls case back for consideration. Says started preliminary and detention hearing on Friday. Recess about 6 p.m. Grant comes forward to continue testimony.
(Lamar – From Friday testimony, talk of execution or plans to do so this past weekend. One was for his residence and vehicle. What kind?) Small Ford, maybe Escape SUV. Smaller SUV. (Residence?) Corinth. (Warrants and searches over weekend on his cell phone from Escape, GPS device in vehicle/) Tomtom system. (Before results, let’s talk about testimony Friday. Asked about why arrest warrant listed Lee County. Aware that federal crimes can be prosecuted in district where begin, end or pass?) Yes. (Holland letter delivered and received where?) In Lee County, Tupelo.
(Recall McCoy asking about letters … only markings was Memphis postmark April 8?) Yes. (Told her codes across the back of each envelope or upper fold?) Yes, discussed USPS codes. (Told her ongoing investigation?) Codes … informed, all three from Lee County, specifically from Tupelo. Placed in the mail and collected by postal workers. Working to narrow down exact location. (Do GPS devices, like Tomtom in Curtis’ vehicle… keep a digital record within it… where device has been, dates and times?) Typically they maintain recent trips, etc. (Only if on?) Yes. (Do you have preliminary data from GPS?) Yes, last night … looked at it. Several addresses and locations … Cornth, Booneville, at least one Tupelo Franklin TN, Alabama.
(Could have gone other places with it turned off?) Yes MCCOY – COMMENT – What he is going into is new information over weekend, no objection if I am allowed to cross him on that? JUDGE – You will. (Lamar – COULD he hae gone to other places?) Yes. (Data – dates and times of trips?) We found, no dates and times. (Attempts to see if data can be mined from it?) Attempting to do that, yes.
(Remember McCoy questions about Curtis’ communications usually via email, not letters?) Yes. (About emails to congress, political leaders?) Yes. (Can you send ricin by email?) No sir. (Recall IP address book from Facebook … saying this is wht he uses when he logs onto FB?) (Has same quotes as in letter?) Yes. (Most of the IP addresses came back to Corinth residence?) Yes. (Recall testifying that in April, different IP address came up?) Yes. Both addresses go back to same geo-location. Assume it is his residence. (No others?) Based on my knowledge of document, correct.
(Search of Corinth residence … ) JUDGE – (Asks about why two different IP addresses.) (Lamar – Could be two different modems.) Grant says one could be to computer, one could e for a telephone.) (Lamar – search on Friday, results?) Thursday, task force went in. On Friday, Hazmat team… did not identify any apparent hazardous materials. Scene then turned over to regular scene investigators. No ricin, not equipment there for manufacture. (How describe … material?) Awaiting final results in Md. By Looking at it and description of experts… it is preliminarily testing as ricin, a crude form. Appears that someone took castor beans, put them in blender. Looks like sand. (Lamar – same as coffee bean grinder?) That would be a low-tech way to do that. Doesn’t require much science, to get ricin inside out.
(Lamar – castor beans … available?) Yes, ornamental plants. Can order online. Told I can go to home improvement stores … to use in bait against rodents. (Blenders … available?) Yes. Easily removed that way. (Regardless of how crude it was or is… still testing as ricin. Can it still hurt you?) Yes. Still could … depending on amount or how took it in … could cause death. Lot of factors go into that.
(What else inside house?) Computers, correspondence email in drawer. (Weapons?) Yes. Two, being traced by ATF. One was 9mm and other a 380. (Searches of computer … ?) Yes. (What preliminary results?) Initially searched for “dirty word” search …. terms about ricin. All negative. Searched RAM .. with most recent searches. Now doing a deep dive. Preliminary… nothing yet. Shows were external hard drive and thumb drive plugged in and weren’t recovered.
(Searches… for internet addresses from that computer. Google, Yahoo?) Yes, full diagnostic searches. One computer hadn’t been used for a while. (Recall saying on Friday … informed that “to see a wrong…. continuance” passage … not on his main FB site? Passage in the letter?) Yes. (Not prior to April 8 postmarking of letter?) ON that one site. (True now?) No, additional analysis. Quote appeared on his space on Internet. (Main FB site? Not there?) I don’t know. (But?) Found on other sites. (Also “I am KC” … signature?) Yes
(Talked about indentions on outside of envelope to President and Sen. Wicker?) Yes. (Did you learn that another indentation found?) Yes. (Where?) What understand, on Holland letter. President – 202 Millford. Wicker – 109 Inez Drive. Holland – 109 Inez Dr. A former address. (What about envelopes?) All three self-sealing with self-adhesive stamp. (No licking or moisture?) No. (Shows him Exhibit 6 – recognize it?) Yes, first saw it today. Social Security Admin letter to our office… says Curtis on SS benefits, which he admitted initially. (Disability?) Lists … headaches bipolar, back aches, head, neck. (When applied for SS for mental disability?) Dec. 29, 2009. Approved June 20… can’t make out what he’s saying] Nov. 30, 2012… went back about verification.
(When interviewed Curtis, did you ask him … about SS?) Yes, office aware of some kind. He said over $700/month from headaches from motorcycle accident when he was 16. Not bipolar.. more from head and neck injuries. (Introduce Exhibit 6 into evidence.) MCCOY – NO OBJECTIONS.
(Aware now Curtis is on some kind of probation? Intoxication in Leeds, Ala.?) Yes, public intoxication matter. (How long on probation?) 24 months. (Date ?) Or not past May 2015. (When he was convicted … was he fined?) Yes, fine and court costs. (Information to … MCCOY – OBJECTION… CONTINUING LEADING OF WITNESS.) LAMAR – I am. Rules permit that. JUDGE – Try not to do that.
(Did he pay fine?) Yes. A processing company received it. Two or three money orders. Most recent in March – $140. He wrote his name, address as 2503 Ewell Ave., Tupelo 38801. His mother and step-father’s. (Used throughout process?) Yes, listed as primary address. [Curtis is shaking head and talking to McCoy]
(Lamar – [shows exhibit to McCoy] Shows document to Grant… email, seen before?) Yes. Email is correspondence between Curtis and … a church.. Rev. Mike HIcks at a local church in north MS…. Tupelo. (Summarize it?) From KC Justice for You, email address .. to several addresses including some to Curtis, others at St. Luke’s Church in Tupelo. When I read this … at bottom in 2003, Curtis approached Hicks to tell him about what occurred at NMMC … body parts, his wife. I don’t see his wife. Not allowed to give testimony. March 8, 2009, says to see message to Hicks. “He never answered me or called me.” Attached is an article about the killing of a pastor at an Illinois church.
(Lamar [shows him another exhibit] Did you or team obtain this?) Yes … committal papers filed in chancery court of Prentiss for Mr. Curtis. To have him evaluated by mental health authorities… involuntary.. by his wife, Laura Curtis. Approx date late August 2001. (What happened?) Appears he was committed and dismissed Sept. 11, 2001. [McCoy, Neilson read over next exhibit shown them by Lamar.]
(Lamar – I gave defense stack of copies to be copied. McCoy – We didn’t see this one. Lamar – I can’t say I gave her every one.) (Exhibit – did you or team ask questions about passage … about a Booneville police officer saying Curtis was investigated before? From Capitol Police report. Did you ask Booneville?) Yes, this exhibit. (Summarize?) Yes, various reports where Curtis is either complainant of subject of a complaint. Oct. 2008, report he pulled weapon from his waistband.. simple assault charge. Oct 2008, he complained against Mr Pardue for cyberstalking Sept. 2008, Curtis filed about garbage can through his window. Aug. 2008, Pardue against Curtis, cyberstalking. April 2008, Curtis complained about Crown Victoria in front of house and watching him. He called at least once or twice, say he’d taken photos of it. Nov. 2007, he and ex-wife disagreed after power was turned off. She asked him to leave, daughter called police with concerns.
(Lamar – exhibit, emails. Exhibit 10. Recognize?) Yes, obtained by court search of his residence. Emails between Curtis and … J. Everett Dutschke. Appeared to engaged in debate about who is the biggest liar, putting fake info on their websites. Appears all boiled over from earlier interaction… Dutschke perhaps agreed to publish or try to publish Curtis’ manuscript on Missing Pieces Talk about fake accounts, man up and be real men… Curtis family member tells Dutschke to leave Curtis alone. (Who do those people purport to be?) Ed and Elois …. his stepfather and mother. (Claim who they are?) Yes, Kevin’s parents.
(Their response to Dutschke … ?) They say never know what’s going to show up on your doorstep, so just keep it up. (Exhibit 11 – what is that?) Document from search … appears to be a petition … for legislation to President, Senate, House, Gov. MS, Cochran, Wicker, Rep. Travis Childers – to regulate bones and tissues, to regulate organ harvesting in U.S. Discussion about the trade and urged them to take action … to make it illegal … before or after person’s death. Signed Nov 2006, by Curtis and others in Tupelo.
[FYI – Dutschke ran against Rep. Steve Holland for the state House in 2004. Judge Sadie Holland is Rep. Holland’s mother.]
(Exhibit 12 – seen that before?) Reporting from ongoing matter… haven’t seen it except this. Daily Journal. Family is concerned about arrest, claims he suffers bipolar disorder and doesn’t take his medication. (Say he regularly medicates?) Says three years ago, convinced him to take meds. Says he doesn’t. (11:27)
(Showing him documents. Report on Curtis? Assault conviction?) Yes, in Lee County 2003. Disposition – 108 days in prison, dismissed. (Is that David Daniels incident?) I believe it is. (Document show charge … about Booneville PD, on Pardue?) Yes, Booneville report mentioned words “I ain’t scared of you” … dismissed. Conviction in Monroe, La. -= cyberstalking Jan. 25, 2010 – 24 months probation, court costs. Understand this was his sister or his first ex-wife. 11:29
(JUDGE TELLS HER to limit questions to new matter.) McCoy asks to retrieve exhibits. [She has on seersucker suit, 4-inch red stilletto heels.)
(McCoy – DOCUMENT from SS Admin… documents his mood disorder?) Yes. (Documents – what makes it … that he is involved with this crime?) Nothing. (Anything in it to bear on this hearing?) I believe so. Helps establish a behavioral background for Curtis. Perhaps doesn’t realize what he doing or suffering from a mental disorder to lead him to these crimes. (Mentioned Nov. 30, 2012 contact with SS. Bearing?) None. Recent contact. (Is that wrong?) No. (Aware, aren’t you, that Curtis has secured housing?) Yes. (It is dependent on his receiving SS?) Yes.
(Ask about Exhibit 7 – purports to be an email … sent by Kevin Curtis?) My understanding. (To a church in 2003?) Yes, original sent 2003 … (This email 2009 – he complains about 2003 email?) Yes. (What bearing on this proceeding?) Shows Curtis holds on to things. Concerned me … when attach an article … he was upset, not allowed to give testimony. When attach 6 years later, an email back to same church … newspaper article about pastor being killed … causes us to evalutae whether this is a veiled threat. (Did you?) Yes, it’s ongoing. (Any information he has threatened anybody at St. Luke?) This is the only one, still investigating. (Email is very respectful?) Yes. More attachment of article, which has no bearing about his testimony about NMMC.
(You said he has no bearing?) Article .. why would he send article about pastor being killed. Attached to email about wanting to give testimony. (Why?) I don’t know. (Is it possible that people at church death had some prior connection to St. Luke’s?) Perhaps. Just unusual manner of which email sent. Unusual. (Exhibit 8 – civil commitment proceedings by Laura Curtis … to commit Kevin to Dept of Mental Health?) My understanding. (You said you understood that he was placed into custody of care of department?) On my limited review … I see August … clerk authorized it.
(Look at back page… order… in chancery court of Prentiss County?) Yes. (What …read title.) Order dismisses the application. (Short order, signed by Jacqueline Mask in 2001. Read paragraph.) Masks says he doesn’t pose a potential danger to himself and others. Signed by chancellor. (Exhibit is 13-year-old proceeding, filing… concludes that he does not pose a likely harm to himself or others?) That’s what it says. (How does that play into why we are here today?) Aug. 2001 … documents why dismissed. Notes, he makes very little sense in his actions or behavior… although she does not find evidence of psychiatric illness. We can’t determine his state of mind.
(His mental state in question. Again, how does that make it more likely than not that he committed crime he is charged?) It doesn’t. Still conducting our investigation to obtain evidence to point to Curtis. (Agree that sane people commit crimes?) Yes. (Mentally ille?) Yes. (Do you ahve evidence that someone who suffered mood disorder is more likely to do something like this?) No.
(Exhibit 9 – reports from Booneville police?) Yes. (Lamar asked you … I never did that Capitol Police Report. [He says he has a copy] So, this exhibit … BPD. Some separate incidents?) Yes. (As I am reading it, looks to be in 2008?) Yes. Majority… 2007 and 2008. (Thse reports … one details situation where neighbor claims Curtis pulled a gun on him?) Yes. (Report from Mr. Curtis’ side … he believes he was threatened at time?) Yes. (What further investigation done into that?) I don’t know. (At times, there is justification on pulling a firearm on someone?) I would agree. (Another exhibit … details where soeone pulled a gun on Mr. Curtis?) Pretty sure … (Exhibit 12 – David Daniels exhibit.) (Situation in Lee County, 2003 … Probation papers about simple assault conviction? Altercation with David Daniels?) My understanding. (Court found Daniels justified in doing so?) Yes. (Court was Sadie Holland?) Yes. (What communication has Curtis had with Sadie Holland since then?) I don’t know. Still attempting to ascertain. (Hasn’t Holland said she hasn’t heard a peep from him since this happened?) Don’t read press. I don’t recall that. Know communication with her office.
(What do elimination prints reveal?) Haven’t completed. (Exhibit 9 – BPD report … one from Pardue… his version. No conviction, nothing?) No. (Then other reports, Curtis claims problems … that someone threw something through a window?) Yes. (Report he has concerns about Crown Vic watching his home?) April 2008, Yes. (Report where he and Mrs. Curtis had gotten into verbal altercation, child calls police. He left peacefully?) Yes. (Any other reports you know about?) No.
(In your complaint we talked about Friday … you said got your information from Capitol Police … on back of this document, it indicates … you relied on?) Yes. (Says advised investigating Curtis since 2007?) Yes. (So, ex-wife reported he was delusional, anti-gvernment and spying on him?) Yes. (Asks him to read …) Searh … no weapons found, multiple computers. Sgt. says stalking charges from 2008. (Cori Robbins says she knows he has never been violent. Why not included?) An oversight on my part. Majority of information came from here. I was trying to show information. Need to talk to Det. Robbins. (Your report comes verbatim from Capitol Police?) Yes. (But nothing about his lack of violence … said Friday and now today, to determine his state of mind and his behavior. Is that not important?) Yes, we have to do additional investigation.
(For the better part of his adult life has lived in Booneville or somewhat close?) Has lived other places. (In past 10 years, most time in Booneville area?) And in Alabama. (Wouldn’t you say Police detective there should have insight into his behavior?) Yes. (You chose not to include it?) Yes. (In there appears to include four reports … Graph 15 … affidavit… Robbins said Curtis investigated several times since 2007? Really no investigation of Curtis?) I don’t want to characterize what BPD has done or not.
(Isn’t one… Mr. Pardue that Curtis … in a band together … complains Curtis has been booking shows without telling him?) Yes. (He’s mad because Curtis tells people Pardue is lazy?) Yes. (Do you consider that an investigation of Curtis?) No. Based investigation on what I thought was important. (Exhibit 10 – Appears to be emails from Dutschke?) Yes. (Who is he?) Individual Curtis spoke about… lives in Tupelo. They have had a disagreement… over Internet .. Dutschke previously worked for Curtis’ brother as insurance agent .. Curtis was there doing telemarketing work. (What is disagreement?) Thik multiple sources … just appears they don’t like each other … say posting things that aren’t true about each other. Boil down to Dutschke making previous pledge or statement that he may be willing to print Curtis’ manuscript.
(So, those emails from Dutschke, threatening?) Yes, ma’am. Putting them in context … refers to him as a dumb-ass. In effect let’s take it outside. (Says to meet him somewhere and we’ll take care of it? Violent streak?) Yes. (Mention email correspondence about what was said to Dutschke, when making these threats toward Curtis? What said?) Want some more action, you never now what is going to show up on your doorstep, so just keep it up, big boy. Mother and stepfather defending their son. A disagreement … threats all in eye of the beholder. (Never know … insinuating ricin could show up?) Not saying that.
(Fact that his mother and stepfather…s ent email to violent man… backoff. What does it show today?) Online presence of Curtis and some disagreement with other individuals. That … I don’t see the other side of this email .. but correspondence we’re looking at. (Shows his online presence …?) Email suggests … Dutschke says Curtis making statements and posting online things that are false. Dutschke makes counteractions against Curtis. Known each other long time. Ongoing issue. Emails May 27, 2010, June 1 2010. Between Dutschke and parents of Mr. Curtis, ad Curtis.
(Were asked by Lamar … can someone send ricin by Internet?) No. (Did Dutschke receive envelope with ricin?) No. (Hs he been indicted?) Yes. (For dispicable violent act?) Yes. (He has said Curtis could be responsible….?) Don’t know. (I believe Curtis told you …) He spent good amt of time talking about Dutschke. (Since Wednesday, tried to interview Dutschke?) Tried. not successful. Thursday or Friday. Continuing to try to do so. Sure efforts to re-interview. (Know whether Dutschke has capability to make ricin?) Given the right mindset and Internet, acquitions… absolutely could be … anyone could be involved. Yes.
(McCoy – Disagreement with Dutschke, recently about charges against Dutschke?) Yes. (Lives in Lee County?) Yes. (Mad at Mr. Curtis?) Yes. (Exhibit 11 – email to elected officials. Curtis imploring them to look at legislation. Email Dec. 1, 2010. Read it?) Yes. (Respectful?) Yes. (Any information that ever been an email that wasn’t respectful?) Not aware … we’re still waiting for more information. (Mentioned … these documents obtained during the search?) Yes (Not from home?) No … my understanding they were from the search. (Was a search … of his mom’s house?) Yes, interviewed her on two occasions. Asked voluntary information. Not aware where came from. Gave envelopes.
(Laura Curtis, did she have envelopes?) Sure she did. (Curtis vehicle, were envelopes? What kind?) Don’t know. (At his home, envelopes recovered?) I don’t think so. Think they were taken from his vehicle. (Stamps?) No stamps. (Told if envelopes taken consistent with letters to officials?) Not sure. (Not forensically…. were they similar? Ones from his car, self-adhesive?) I don’t know. (Wouldn’t you think that is important?) Absolutely.
(Exhibit 12 – Daily Journal article?) Yes. (What is the relevance?) LAMAR – OBJECTION. RELEVANCE. JUDGE – YOU INTRODUCED IT AND ASKED HIM ABOUT IT. (MCCOY – Exhibit 12 … Daily Journal article … what is about it that is pertenant to your inestigation?) His mental state. To detrmine if have mental acumen or ability to do what did. I’m not a doctor. We need to detrmine if he has bipolar ondition, how could that affect him. If mails something, is he aware of it? Psychology 101.
(McCoy – based on your investigation into his mental state?) Still conducting investigation. (Let’s talk about that. On Friday, number of questions posed … you said you couldn’t answer because searches ongoing. Where?) Curtis residence, car. (Where all searches?) Consent from his mother and ex-wife. Consent given. (Ex-wife, they searched her home?) I don’t know extent of search Haven’t seen reports. (Is there anything that happened during search of her home, more likely than not that Curtis has committed these crimes?) I couldn’t answer. (Are searches over?) Yes. (As far as physical search of where this man has been in past six months, is there anything left to searh?) Sure other places to come up with. Referring to court-authorized searches.
(What was taken?) Computers, paper artifacts, envelopes. No … as stated … no ricin or material identified. Or apparatus? (What would that be?) Simple as food processor or coffee grinder. (Dd you ask to search for specific items like that?) Yes. (Did you find it?) No ma’am. (Telling court… they must have been removed or discarded?) No. It was not located. (What about lye? Asked to search for it?) May have been . (Acetone?) Yes. Warrant specified … chemicals involved in the manufacture. Now we know it was a crude form. Learned yesterday morning.
(Still in the presumptive phase?) We’re in preliminary positive phase. Final … will more than likely provide … may be wrong… strength or purity or toxicity level. (Those tests done late last week… waiting on final results?) Yes. All three letters … all three have preliminarily tested positive for ricin, awaiting final results. (Other tests over weeend?) Sure other tests. Process they do to get to final results. (Yesterday, conversation… that this ricin was crude and easy to make. But stated after nothing was found at his or ex-wife’s residence?) Yes. (When we were here Friday… no discussion about ease of making, right?) Friday, different processes… crude… or weaponized. In talking with officials from WMD director this is crude form.
(You testified … had conducted prelim tests on computer at home?) Yes. (At this stage nothing to indicate searched for “ricin” or making of it?) At this time, Iv’e been informed … no information to suggest that. (You mentioned dirty-word search… it was negative?) Yes. (Deep dive planned… what will it show?) I’m not a computer person … terms may e wrong. But full forensics will show log-ins, websites, what’s been erased. How found out about hard drive we can’t find. (You said, hard drive and thumb drive… don’t hae it.) We have one thumb drive but understand there’s another one. Hardware plugged in that we have no access to
(You can’t say when they were used?) No. (No matter or what you put on, a fingerprint is left?) Yes. (Nothing on those computers that shows anything related to making of ricin?) Yes. (You do have a thumb drive?) We have one. Additional kinds used. Must re-check my notes. (Three computers… how old are they?) I don’t know. (Who else has used them besides Curtis?) I don’t know (Who else are they registered to?) I don’t know. We will do additional analysis. (You said more than 1 IP addresses?) Two. (Court asked if was another computer?) No. I said … could be a hard line for computer and perhaps telephone.
(You remember … an invoice from Comcast, showing when Curtis got line. March 21?) I don’t know. (Got Comcast … could be different modems?) Modems, carriers. (What is significance of more than one IP address?) Accessing something through a smart phone, digital dial-up. I’m not a computer person. (Anything about two geo-locations to his home… to suggest he committed this crime?) No ma’am.
• • •
9:45 A.M.
OXFORD – Tupelo attorney David Daniels is a possible witness today in the government’s case against Elvis tribute artist Kevin Curtis of Corinth, accused of sending poison-laden letters to President Obama and at least two others.
Daniels, a former District 1 assistant district attorney, may be asked to testify about a decade-old confrontation he had with Curtis, when Curtis claimed Daniels tried to “hit on” his girlfriend.
Ultimately, Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland issued a restraining order for Daniels against Curtis and found him guilty in the altercation.
Today’s proceeding is a continuation of Friday’s hearing for Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander to hear government and defense information to decide is the case should be sent to a federal grand jury. She also will rule on whether to set bond for Curtis.
• Watch this website for updates.
• • •
OXFORD – Kevin Curtis’ attorney says federal authorities found nothing incriminating from searches of his home, vehicle and ex-wife’s home over the weekend.
“Searches turned up completely empty,” says Christi R. McCoy of Oxford, Curtis’ defense counsel.
The Corinth man is due back in an Oxford courtroom at 10 a.m. Monday for continuation of a Friday hearing.
Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander is listening to government testimony seeking to convince her the case against the Elvis tribute artist and small businessman should be turned over to a grand jury.
The government also wants her to hold Curtis without bail. He’s been in the Lafayette County Detention Center since his arrest last Wednesday.
After more than three hours Friday, McCoy pressed the government’s only witness, an FBI weapons-of-mass-destruction specialist, to admit their evidence was scant although he expected further testing and analysis to point the finger at Curtis.
Prosecutors said, as the hearing recessed, that they have at least one more witness.
Last Thursday, federal prosecutors accused Curtis of sending threatening letters through the mail, containing what they believe is the deadly poison ricin.
In addition to President Obama, suspicious letters were received by U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Tupelo and Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland of Plantersville.
• Watch this website for more details from Oxford on Monday.

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