Update: Franks, Scott settle over alienation of affections

By Patsy R. Brumfield / Daily Journal

UPDATE – 9:40 A.M.
TUPELO – It’s settled – the 2-year legal battle over a Lee County Schools affair which probably cost its superintendent of education re-election.
This morning, Tupelo counsel Jason Herring announced in court that his client, Jamie Franks, and former education chief Mike Scott had ended this dispute over his affair with Franks’ then-wife.
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TUPELO – Attorney Jamie Franks of Tupelo and former Lee schools chief Mike Scott are back in court today over what’s left of a 2-year-old alienation of affection lawsuit.
Franks sued Scott, then Lee County superintendent of education, for an extramarital affair Scott admitted with Franks’ then-wife, Lisa, a school district employee.
He also sued the school board, saying it created conditions for the affair to continue and approved spending in its furtherance.
Last February, Circuit Judge Henry Lackey, who presided over today’s hearing, agreed that Franks is entitled to seek evidence and present facts to the court about his allegations.
This case has been under way since mid-2010 and, some observers say, cost Scott re-election a year later. The Frankses divorced, as did Scott and his wife.
Before Franks could file his alienation of affection lawsuit, Scott counterpunched legally, saying that whatever he had done was not so bad as Franks’ alleged attempts at extortion, defamation and interference with his job, and those acts should weigh in his favor as far as monetary damages went.
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