UPDATE: Judge allows enticement defendant to withdraw plea

Court NewsBy Patsy R. Brumfield

Daily Journal

OXFORD – An Amory man accused of using the Internet to entice a minor female for sex will be allowed to withdraw a guilty plea he entered July 8.

Senior U.S. District Judge Neal B. Biggers agreed to Christopher Pickle’s motion filed by his new attorney, Chris Kitchens of Ripley.

Biggers notes that Pickle’s plea was “only conditionally accepted” by the court while he was represented by a federal public defender, that the man’s family hired Kitchens, a private practice lawyer, and asked that his plea be withdrawn.

Kitchens insists that Pickle, 31, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional distress after the death of his father, a divorce and custody loss of his son.

Pickle is one of at least a dozen men snared by a Lee County Sheriff’s Office string operation using a trained deputy who pretends online to be a teenage female. Most of the defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison.

He is the second to challenge the charge claiming entrapment.

  • FrereJocques

    Ever since this “sting” operation has been going on, I’ve wondered about the possibility of entrapment. What I’d like to know is, did the deputy portray himself/herself on-line as an underage girl? Or did it start out as them claiming to be 18 or older, then when the men responded suddenly the “girl” was underage? That is DEFINITELY entrapment.

    OTOH, if the men tried to hook up with someone who announced up front that they were under 18, then the men got what they deserved. Who in their right mind would do that? That’s why I’m suspicious of the “sting” operation.