UPDATE: Jury rules in Hardy's favor

ABERDEEN – “Vindicated” was former Tupelo Police Capt. Cliff Hardy’s immediate reaction to winning a jury verdict Friday against the City of Tupelo.
“I’m so glad it’s over,” said his wife, Gail, shaking with emotion. “I’m so proud they did it.”
She was speaking about the jury of four men and four women who agreed that TPD Chief Harold Chaffin and others pushed Hardy out after 19 years on the force because he spoke out at an Oct. 12, 2006, public forum – telling the 120 or so people there that he believed race-related problems within the department were behind the “persecution” of his friend and colleague, then-Deputy Chief Robert Hall.
Hardy is white and Hall is black.
The jury, with one black member, decided Hardy deserved $100,000 for lost wages and $200,000 for mental anguish. In his suit, Hardy had requested back wages and compensation for distress, but did not seek reinstatement to the police force.

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Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal