UPDATE: Kennamore pleads guilty to forgery in New Albany

NEW ALBANY – A subdued Jerry Kennamore quietly pleaded guilty to one count of forgery Friday, likely ending the investigation into possible vote fraud in New Albany city elections.
Kennamore, who has twice served as alderman and also run for mayor two times, was charged with forging the name of his daughter as an attesting witness on an absentee ballot. As a candidate for mayor in this year’s election, he could not use his own name as witness.
Kennamore was sentenced to five years’ unsupervised probation and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine plus court costs and assessments. He also agreed to never seek political office again or have anything to do with absentee or affidavit voting ballots, other than voting himself.
Circuit Court Judge Andrew Howorth told the defendant that if he abides by the rules of the probation, at the end of five years his record will be cleared. Kennamore’s guilty plea is essentially being held in abeyance during that time; if he violates the probation the court will then accept the guilty plea and may enforce a prison sentence or other punishment.
Kennamore has been accused of other counts of forgery as well as vote fraud and District Attorney Ben Creekmore said those can be brought up against Kennamore beyond the five-year period if he violates any law.

Lynn West / New Albany News-Exchange