UPDATE: Legalization of liquor, beer and light wine passes in Tishomingo County

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal


A vote ‘FOR’ is a vote to legalize alcoholic liquors in Tishomingo County. A vote ‘AGAINST’ is a vote to remain dry.

FOR 3267 51%

AGAINST 3225 49%

19 boxes of 19

A vote ‘FOR’ is a vote to legalize beer and light wine in Tishomingo County. A vote ‘AGAINST’ is a vote to remain dry.

FOR 3259 51%

AGAINST 3186 49%

19 boxes of 19


IUKA – A narrow margin separated the proponents and opponents of legal liquor and beer sales in Tishomingo County after Tuesday voting, with machine votes and absentee ballots counted and 67 affidavit ballots to be counted today.
Supporters of coming out from under the dry law held a slight lead with 3,232 votes for legal liquor and 3,213 against. Supporters of legal beer and light wine sales also held a slight lead with 3,219 votes for and 3,175 against.
About 53 percent of the county’s 12,273 registered voters – 6,500 – cast ballots in the special election.
Pastor Tony Curtis of Fifth Street Baptist Church, one of the leaders of the opposition, said he remains optimistic that the affidavit votes will turn things their way, and they’ll be praying for that outcome.
“I want to thank everybody that voted against it and all the workers who did a great job,” Curtis said.
On the opposite side from Curtis, proponent Charles “Tubby” Aldridge was not claiming victory just yet.
“I had been telling people that there wouldn’t be more than 3,500 people to vote against it, and if more people hadn’t thought it could never pass and just come out, we could have won it by a landslide,” Aldridge said. “With that many affidavits still out, liquor might not win, but there’s still a chance that beer could win.”
The election was propelled by Aldridge’s approximately three-year effort to gather sufficient signatures on a petition asking for a vote on the issue.
The election commission will meet at noon today to begin validating and counting the affidavit ballots, said Circuit Clerk Donna Dill.


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