UPDATE: Man shows up at Tupelo City Hall with a gun

By Tupelo City Press Release

Around 1:15 p.m. today a man showed up at Tupelo City Hall with a weapon.
He did not make any verbal threats to anyone in the office. The man discussed a family issue he was trying to get some help with. He talked to several city workers in the mayor’s office.
No one was harmed by the subject. City employees called 911, and the Tupelo Police Department responded immediately. The subject left the scene and was stopped in front of the Tupelo Police Department.
After detaining this man, officers recovered a weapon and the subject seemed to be in a confused/dazed frame of mind. After speaking with the man for several minutes, officers determined that the subject may have been off of prescribed medication.
The man has been detained and taken to the Lee County Jail.
More details as they available on this story.

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