UPDATE: New Ole Miss chancellor makes first public Tupelo appearance

TUPELO – Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones spoke about the university’s role in addressing the needs of the state during his first Tupelo public appearance in his new role.
Jones, who replaced Robert Khayat on July 1, spoke at the Cellular South Networking at Noon at the Bancorp South Conference Center. He said Ole Miss had a greater opportunity than flagship universities in other states to truly meet the needs of the state it serves.
“We are a great public university in the poorest state in the country,” Jones said after addressing the crowd.
“The gap between what our university has achieved and the needs in our state is perhaps the largest gap of any flagship liberal arts university in our country. It does present us an opportunity to look to our state for its needs and what we as the flagship liberal arts university can do for our state.”
Jones took time at the beginning of his speech to commend Tupelo on its commitment to public education.
“It is easy to have a personalized message for Tupelo because of the strong affections for Ole Miss in this city,” Jones said. “My remarks about public education in Tupelo are sincere and easy to make. This is a remarkable community for support of public education, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Read more in the NEMS Daily Journal Wednesday.

Chris Kieffer/NEMS Daily Journal