UPDATE: Parvin renews bail request after mental exam


ABERDEEN – Attorneys seek bail again for a Monroe County man whose 2011 murder conviction was reversed by the Mississippi Supreme Court and sent back for re-trial.
Jim Waide of Tupelo and others on the defense team for Dr. David Parvin, a retired Mississippi State University economist, ask the circuit court of Monroe County to release him on bail about a week after it was revoked because the court feared he might be a danger to himself and others.
Parvin, who was freed from state prison in late June, apparently became agitated when he was returned to Monroe County Jail rather than released from custody, and reportedly got into a fight with a deputy there, Waide told the court.
Judge Paul Funderburk revoked his $75,000 bond soon after the incident.
But in an 11-page motion filed today, Waide assures the court that a private psychiatric examination of Parvin finds he is not a danger and should be released to prepare for his new trial.
Parvin, nearly 74, was convicted in 2011 of the 2007 shooting death of his wife. He insists the gun he was carrying accidentally discharged when he tripped.
The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled a few months ago that Parvin deserved a new trial because a state forensic expert was not qualified to voice opinions about ballistics and that a graphic depiction of the shooting should not have been presented because it was based on the expert’s opinions.
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