UPDATE: Price shooting investigation leads to two people of interest

By NEMS Daily Journal

There have been new developments today in the shooting earlier this month in New Albany. On Dec. 5, Amanda Price was shot and killed in her backyard on Murrah Road. Her husband, New Albany head football coach Ron Price, was shot in the shoulder and treated at the hospital. New developments listed below:

UPDATE: 4:42 p.m.: From The Associated Press …

New Albany Police Chief David Grisham says the Union County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men in their 20s Thursday on unrelated theft charges. On Friday, the chief declined to identify the men, who are being held in the Union County jail on parole violations.

Grisham says new witnesses linked the men to the Dec. 5 shooting death of Amanda Price. He says the men could be charged next week. Police believe Price went outside with her dog and startled the men, who shot her.

Coach Ron Price was shot while responding to his wife’s screams. He was treated and released from a hospital.

Grisham described the men who are being questioned in the slaying as “well-known to law enforcement” and said they appear to have been breaking into cars near the Price home earlier on the night of the shooting. He said the men likely entered the Price property looking for something to steal.

The chief said that because the men are being held without bond, police have time to perfect their case.

“There’s not a sense of urgency to charge these individuals because they are being held in jail without bond and can’t get out,” Grisham said.


UPDATE 12:44 p.m.: New Albany Police Chief David Grisham just talked with media members in New Albany about developments in the Price case.

Grisham says there are two suspects currently in jail on other charges, and that authorities are questioning them as primary suspects. No arrests have been made, but Grisham said charges could come early next week depending on what investigators learn. Grisham said the two suspects’ prior criminal history and other information have led them to be suspects. No names of the suspects have been released.

“The motive in this crime was money,” Grisham said. “I’m more confident about these suspects being responsible for the shootings today than I was yesterday.”

Grisham said the two men in their 20s were picked up on petit larceny charges by the Union County Sheriff’s Department around 11 p.m. Thursday. The two men live in a trailer park near the Price’s residence.

“I talked to Ron Price this morning,” Grisham said. “He is still very upset and very in need of answers about why this happened and who did it. The family is very shaken.”

Both suspects are being held in the jail now.

Grisham said he could not comment on if a weapon has been recovered.


UPDATE 12:03 p.m.: According to one of the New Albany Police Department investigators, a weapon has been recovered, but no official is saying that it is the murder weapon at this time.


Two people of interest in the shootings of the New Albany Price family are being questioned and more about the case might be released later today, according to New Albany police.

A source is saying an arrest has been made and a murder weapon has been found. No officials are confirming that.

The two people were arrested on unrelated charges and then authorities found out information that they might be suspects in the Price shootings, New Albany Police Chief David Grisham said. No arrests have been made at this time, according to police.

On Dec. 5, Amanda Price was killed in her backyard on Murrah Road. Her husband, New Albany head football coach Ron Price, was shot in the shoulder and treated at the hospital.

More on this developing story as it is available.

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