UPDATE: Stanford documents may be in NEMS waters

HOUSTON, Texas – Federal investigators have dived into Northeast Mississippi lakes and ponds, looking for documents to prosecute the Stanford financial defendants, James Davis’ attorney said today.

Davis, who now lives in Michigan with family, is a Baldwyn native and built a large home on an estate in west Prentiss County. The home is empty and the grounds abandoned since his detention after the Stanford Financial Group scandal broke months ago.

David Finn of Dallas told reporters after Davis’ guilty plea that his client had and was directing the FBI to bodies of water in the region, where they might find evidence for more prosecutions or indictments.

“Everything the government has asked us to do, every single thing, we’ve done,” Finn said, “including going to the old farm in Mississippi and helping the FBI dive team dive into tanks and ponds to look for and retrieve evidence.”

• Read more about Davis’ guilty plea in Texas today on NEMS360.com. Other info coming on Patsy’s blog, From the Front Row, later today.

Patsy R. Brumfield / Daily Journal

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