UPDATE: Tupelo School Board approves Jason Harris as THS Principal

By Michaela Gibson Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

Tupelo school board approves Jason Harris as new THS principal in a 5-0 vote. Also approved were Kim Foster, principal at Joyner elementary and Evette Topp associate principal Tupelo.

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• Meeting adjourns
• All were 5-0 votes
• Kim Foster approved as principal at Joyner Elementary
• Jason Harris approved as THS principal, 5-0 vote
• Topp approved
• Board ready to vote

Summary: Board approves new hires, adds days for THS counselors, add new positions. School level administration positions will wait for ex session.

3:25 pm
• Kim Foster recommended for Joyner Elementary
• Harris, currently principal at Joyner, but has secondary administration experience at Columbus. Resume includes HS dean of students
• Meadows: recommends THS principal recommend Jason Harris as next principal
• Meadows: recommended for Vice/associate principal at THS Evette Topp
• Tyrone Catledge new asst at Lawndale Elementary
• Meadows: Kenneth McGaha Tupelo Middle School asst principal coming from Columbus
• Meadows: Tim Matlock THS band director
• Taking up admin staff recs now
• Board coming out of ex session

• Board completed main part of agenda. Getting ready to go into executive session. I’ll hang out until we have word on THS principal
• Board approves new hires, additional days for THS counselors, new positions. School level administrative positions will wait for ex session
• Recommending THS testing coordinator and additional clerical position at THS
• recommending 2 more teachers at Milam because projected increased enrollment, administrative intern at Lawhon to help with 2nd graders
• No word yet. May have to wait on THS principal to end of meeting. Moving on to new positions.
• We’re about to start personnel report. Expecting announcement on THS principal.
• Pannell: Local property tax revenue, state MAEP funds expected to be the same. Federal funding expected to drop
• Fianance director Linda Pannell now up with first look at budget
• Those who went through background check policy last year would be covered retroactively. Will be annual checks on child abuse registry
• Proposed background check policy – 1 place to get paperwork, fingerprints, 1 time only instead of annually with option for rechecks.
• Dianne Ezell now presenting report on volunteer background checks
• Meadows: Discpline matrix goal is to have policies be fair, consistent across district. Will get more feedback for finished policy
• Dr. Fred Hill presenting discipline decision matrix update
• G. Scott: Work on interactive curriculum guide ongoing. Should be complete by end of summer so it can be rolled out to teachers, community
• Glenda Scott updating board on curriculum writing process
• School board meeting starting now.

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