UPDATE:Walmart shooting reports are hoaxes

Rumors about pending or actual shootings at Walmarts – different messages naming different cities – are part of a large hoax, law enforcement officers say.
“I don’t know how it got started, but I’ve heard it applied not only to the Walmart here but to Walmarts all over the Southeast,” said New Albany Police Chief David Grisham. “There’s absolutely nothing to it. Walmart is open for business, and they don’t anticipate any
problems, either.”
Pontotoc Police Chief Larry Poole agreed.
“Nobody has been shot. As far as we know, it’s nothing but a rumor that’s spreading like wildfire.”
A Pontotoc police dispatcher said law enforcement agencies in several other cities and counties across North Mississippi had reported such rumors about their own towns.
One such text message stated, “Hey don’t go 2walmart today or tomorrow. There is suppose2be some kinda gang initiation 2 kill 3women& 3 men. Please pass on!”
An associate at the Barnes Crossing Walmart in Tupelo confirmed Thursday afternoon that the store was open as usual and had had no incidents.

Errol Castens/Daily Journal

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