Vandals paintball neighborhood

By Pam Robbins

On Friday night, between midnight and 4 am vandals shot paintballs on several houses and vehicles on Wise Bend Rd. in Pontotoc County.
One resident stated, “ My son was awoken around 1 am this morning when a paintball hit his bedroom window, he was really scared.”
Any home or vehicle on the road that were close enough to the road were not spared. Several homes were hit five or six times, and one vehicle was hit multiple times.
Another resident stated, “You work hard and try to make your place look nice and some punks come along in the middle of the night and mess it up.”
Another resident stated, “I have video surveillance on my property and am hoping that it caught something that the police can use.”
A Pontotoc County Sheriff officer who asked to remain namless stated, “We came out early this morning and made the report. We suspect it was a bunch of kids and we will follow through with anyone wanted to press charges when the culprits are found.”
The residents of Wise Bend Road are offering a reward for the arrest and convictions of these vandals.

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