Vardaman installing solar panels on water well

By The Associated Press

VARDAMAN — The town of Vardaman is installing solar panels at one of its three water wells.

WCBI-TV reports that Vardaman is the latest city to harness the energy of the sun to help with day to day operations.

Norman Griffin of Blue Spectra Solar is providing a 50,000 watt system that will produce about 90,000 kilowatts of electricity a year.

“That’s the largest size that Tennessee Valley allows under their current program. It’s a TVA program that’s administered by the local Natchez Trace Electric Power Association.

“Solar puts out DC current so you have to convert it to be compatible to the local power company to AC current,” said Griffin.

Mayor James Casey says Vardaman uses 84,000 kilowatts each year.

“That water well down there is our largest well and uses about little over $1,000 a month of electricity and we are proposing that this panel is going to furnish that electricity for that well,” said Casey.

Griffin hopes to have it on line within 30 days.

“TVA pays a premium for what the output of the solar system. They also refund the current retail rate and guarantee it for 10 years. So they’ve got a 10-year guarantee of their payment of their rate plus the incentives that help justify the investment,” said Griffin.

After 10 years, Casey said the town will take over operation of the solar facility.

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