Verona 100 Days with art

Verona School celebrates the first 100 days

School celebrates the milestone day every school year.

By Holly Wright

Daily Journal

Verona School marked its 100th day of school Friday with a day full of activities.

“We counted to 100 by ones, twos, fives and tens, counted 100 pennies and I wore 100 pins on my jacket,” said first-grade teacher Anna White.

In another first-grade class, instructor Cindy Ellis read “One Hundred Hungry Ants” to her students, and Kay Phillips had her first-graders put 100 spots on a large ladybug.

Shipley’s donated 100 doughnuts for tall the first-grade children to count, then eat.

One schoolwide activity was attempting to collect 100 pairs of mittens to give to the Faith Haven children.

Students presented gloves, mittens, scarves and other donated items to Faith Haven director Loraine Wesson Friday afternoon.

“This is great,” Wesson said. “It is something that we will need.”

Faith Haven was not the only recipient of good things that evolved from the celebration.

White’s students collected pennies to purchase books for the school.

“We had each child bring in 100 pennies and we will use the money to buy books to donate to the library,” she said.

White said the school celebrates its 100th day every year.

“The school year is more than halfway over and this gives the students something to get excited about to keep them going the rest of the year,” she said.

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