Verona alderwoman starts Verona Youth Council

By Danza Johnson

Daily Journal

VERONA – Ward 3 Alderman Jessie Gilmore hopes by creating the first ever Verona Youth Council, she will get kids more interested in how government works and less interested in negative activity.

“We want to educate our youth about city government and the positive things that go on in the community,” said Gilmore. “The children are our future and by showing them the advantages and opportunities of becoming a city or government employee, we can invest in the future generation and well-being of our town. The will be the next generation of city leaders.”

The kids participating in the council range from grades six through 12.

Gilmore said the best way to teach the kids about public service is to let them tag along with people who work in public service. Judges, county supervisors city councilmen and some mayors have volunteered to let the kids spend a day with them on the job.

Verona Mayor Bobby Williams will be letting a student tag along with him during the Christmas Holidays.

“It’s always good to get the youth involved in there community,” said Williams. “It’s never too early to teach them about government. This Youth Council can only strengthen our community. When the old folks die out, it will be these young people who will be left behind to build the community.”

The VCYC will meet Dec. 17 from 2-3 p.m. at the Verona City Hall.

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