Verona approves smoking ban

By The Associated Press

VERONA — The town of Verona has banned smoking primarily in public places.

WTVA-TV reports that the smoking ban ordinance covers just about every indoor and outdoor location, but there are three exceptions: 20 percent of all rooms that are rented to guests in hotels, motels as well as bed and breakfasts may be designated smoking rooms.

Private clubs that have no employees are an exception unless there is a public function taking place.

Private residences are an exception unless there is a child care, daycare or some other health-related facility is in operation there

Smoking in Verona will be prohibited in certain outdoor areas within 25 feet near the entrance and 10 feet from the exit of a no-smoking area.

Even a public place like the Verona City Park would be included in the ban as well. City officials say it’s all a part of the Healthy Verona Initiative.

The new ordinance goes into effect next month.

Those who violate the ordinance in any way will be subject to no more than a $50 fine for the first offense.

The fine will be no more than $250 for subsequent violations.