Verona receives grant for new water lines

VERONA – A $450,000 grant will improve Verona’s aged water system and keep the streets smooth.
Mayor Bobby Williams said the Community Development Block Grant will be used to replace nearly 60-year-old water lines which have been costing the city a lot of money in repairs. Williams said the lines, installed in the 1950s, are rusted and leaky, causing rust to settle in drinking water.
“This grant is going to help us to really do some much-needed upgrades to our water system,” said Williams. “It’s just old and outdated and is costing the town a lot of time, problems and money.”
Because the grant is a non-matching grant, Williams said the city won’t have to put up half the money to receive it.
One of the biggest problems with having leaky and rusted water lines is because the lines run beneath the streets, to repair them the city has to tear up the asphalt. Public Works Supervisor Nathan Williams said aside from fixing leaks, his workers spend a significant amount of time repairing streets.
“It’s not easy going in there and ripping up the street every time we have a problem with a water line,” he said. “It gets pretty expensive relaying asphalt all the time, so at least with the grant we’ll tear up the street to fix the problem once and for all and hopefully we won’t have to do it again.”
The grant won’t replace all the water lines, but it will replace the majority of them, Williams said.
Three Rivers has to complete an environmental report before work on the water lines begins and that is expected to be done by Nov. 6. Williams said depending on the weather, the work could start by the first of 2010.

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Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal