Verona replacing water lines

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

VERONA – New water lines in Verona should save the city some money and increase water pressure for its residents.
A $450,000 Mississippi Development Association grant is being used to replace water lines in the eastern part of town, including Eighth Street, Johnson Street, Cobb Street and Wilson Circle.
Mayor Bobby Williams said the old lines were put down in the 1950s and have caused many inconveniences to the people in those sections of town and others.
“The water pressure in certain areas of town is very low because of those old pipes and this will fix the problem in some of those areas,” said Williams. “We were spending so much time and money repairing the lines that it was becoming a serious problem for us. Now we can save money and provide a great service to our citizens.”
The grant is a not a matching grant, so Verona did not have to come up with any money to receive it.
While riding down Johnson Street, Williams pointed out another reason the old water pipes are hurting Verona. Because the old pipes run under the streets, when there is a leak in one, the streets must be torn up and the hole refilled after the work is done. This has caused dozens of bumps and craters in the roads.
“We spend a lot of money fixing streets as well after we have to rip them up,” said Williams. Now we are running the water lines on the sides of the streets and not under them so we no longer will have to do that.”
It will take until at least October for the residents in the work areas to be switched on to the new lines. Williams said there are areas in the northern part of the city that also need new water lines and he hopes to secure a grant for those in the near future.
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