Video: Hosemann discusses voter ID

TUPELO – Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann sat down with the Daily Journal editorial board this afternoon to discuss several topics. In the video below, he talks about the voter ID law that he said is scheduled to take effect June 4, with the congressional primaries.

Voter ID has been a contentious subject in Mississippi, and Hosemann said that he wants to make sure all steps have been taken to assure every eligible person is able to vote.

“I clearly realize Mississippi is going to be the forefront of voter ID,” Hosemann said. “They’re going to look at us for that one case, that one instance in which we were unable to allow somebody to vote. It’s very important to me that they not find that person and that we work as hard as we can not to have that occur.

“We realize we have a national spotlight, and we realize we have work to do. And we realize we have a history – but we’re not going to have that history repeated.”

Read more in Friday’s Daily Journal.


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