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LANGLEY, Ark. — State police say searchers have found the body of the last person known to have gone missing when a flash flood swept through a popular camp ground.

Spokesman Bill Sadler says searchers found the body of a 20th victim Monday morning and that crews would continue scouring the rugged wilderness in and around the Albert Pike Recreation Area.

Sadler did not say whose body was found or whether the person was an adult or child.

Authorities on Sunday narrowed their search to just one remaining missing person. Eighteen of the 20 victims have been publicly identified.

Flash flooding strands motorists in Oklahoma City

The Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY — Flash flooding across Oklahoma City stranded motorists on their morning commutes Monday, prompting at least a half-dozen rescues and at least three interstate closures, authorities said.

No injuries were immediately reported but drivers were being warned to stay home, Oklahoma Police Lt. Gamille Hardin said. Portions of interstates 35, 44 and 235 all were closed, as were numerous smaller roads in and out of the metro area.

“There are cars where you can see just the rooftops, they’re totally submerged in water,” Hardin said. Footage from KOCO-TV showed a person bailing water out of the passenger-side window of a half-submerged car as crews prepared a boat rescue.

Anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain an hour were falling on parts of the city, and the National Weather Service said a few spots had received 9 inches of rain in a matter of hours Monday morning. Lightning knocked out electricity to some areas.

“Downtown is flooded,” Oklahoma City spokeswoman Kristy Yager said. “We have a few traffic lights that are out causing problems. Stalled vehicles are causing problems. Crews are in the same situation that our travelers are in. They are stuck in this traffic as well.”

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