West Monroe County residents opposed to poultry litter operation

ABERDEEN – After battling with a Monroe County landowner over a proposed poultry facility last year, some residents in the western part of the county are once again up in arms as Skeels Farm has applied for permits to construct a dry litter poultry animal feeding facility.

Community member Glenn T McAllister approached the Monroe County Board of Supervisors about the proposed facility at the September 25 meeting.

“Skeels Farm wants to stockpile chicken liter in our neighborhood and we want the board to stop this before it happens,” McAllister said. “They want to use this litter to add to animal feed. They want to build this about a mile from my house and I cannot afford to build a new house or to move.”

According to notification from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Skeels Farm has applied for a permit to build the facility on Tomlin Road near the communities of Gibson and Egypt. Residents in the communities were given 17 days from September 19 to respond to the request.

In a petition sent to MDEQ on behalf of residents of the community, McAllister stated the facility could be potentially hazardous for those in its immediate area.

“There is going to be some wash off from the property that will contain arsenic, which causes cancer,” he said. This arsenic will then get into Cedar Creek. This facility will also drive down the value of our property.”

McAllister also stated that members of New Hebron Missionary Baptist Church have also sent a letter to MDEQ in protest of the proposed facility.”

Randle Gray, President of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors, said the board would take McAllister’s request under advisement.

Attempts to reach Skeels Farm for a comment were unsuccessful.

Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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