West Point won’t enact smoking ban

WEST POINT (AP) — West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson says there’s no interest among the board of selectmen to adopt a smoke-free ordinance.

Robinson brought up the idea of drafting a proposed smoke-free law for all establishments in the city limits after Stephanie Collier, project director of the Office of Tobacco Control in Lowndes, Oktibbeha and Clay counties for Family Resource Center, addressed selectmen last month about the issue.

Robinson tells The Commercial Dispatch that some selectmen are concerned that passing such an ordinance would be exercising too much control over local business owners.

He says not enough of them were in agreement to propose a change in smoking regulations to vote in favor of drafting an ordinance.

According to the Mississippi Department of Health, 67 towns and cities have smoking bans.

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  • Mikoma

    Very weak leadership on the part of West Point. I would have expected better. Shame on the Selectmen for ignoring the health of those who have to choke on cigarette smoke at restaurants. The citizens should rise up forcefully and demand better protection for the health of the citizens of West Point. I’m glad I live in a Mississippi town whose city council had the courage to stand up for the best interests of our citizens unlike the cowards of West Point.

    • Winston Smith

      No one has to choke on cigarette smoke anywhere. You can just choose to not go to places that allow smoking. I don’t smoke, but I don’t want the government telling business owners how to run their businesses. If the citizens of West Point do come together and demand a smoking ban they’ll get one.

      Also on a side note, I think cigarettes should be outlawed all together. We’re banning trans-fats in our country because they kill a few thousand people a year, but smoking is okay?

      • TWBDB

        I’d love to see a national ordinance which requires establishments to post ‘Smoking Allowed’ or ‘Smoking Not Allowed’ signs on their front door; perhaps even one that refers to those e-cigarette things too. You can usually tell when you open the door but not always. It’s especially tough when you have kids along and you don’t want to expose them to cigarette smoke.

      • FrereJocques

        One of the many hypocritical situations that exist in this country. For instance, marijuana is a far less dangerous drug than alcohol, yet alcohol use is allowed and pot smokers go to jail. In the case of cigarettes, people willfully choose to smoke, but trans-fats are ingested without the person’s knowledge, unless of course they happen to check the list of ingredients, which is easy to do, so this becomes an even more hypocritical situation.