What: Tupelo City Council meeting.

What: Tupelo City Council meeting.

When: 6 p.m. today.

Where: City Hall Annex on Court Street. The meeting is also telecast live on Comcast channel 9.

Annexed residents seek sewer fee rollback

By Philip Moulden

Daily Journal

Windsor Place residents have petitioned Tupelo’s City Council to roll back sewer connection fees to 1989 levels, the year the subdivision was annexed into the city.

The tapping fee was $200 then. It is now $475.

The council will hear the residents’ complaint at its regular session at 6 p.m. tonight in the City Hall Annex on Court Street.

The fee rollback has been championed by several council members, who contend that sewer service was touted as a benefit for those being annexed. If that were true, supporters argue, then those people brought into the city in 1989 should get the lower fee because it was not their fault sewer was not available at the time.

Some council members also want refunds sent to annexed residents already on the sewer line who paid more than the $200 fee.

Tupelo has recently embarked on a major sewer extension program as it works toward another annexation. Service, where feasible, was promised within 10 years of the 1989 annexation, a goal that the city will easily meet, administration officials said.

But they contend that a fee rollback would disrupt the city’s budget, create a logistical headache, and grant an undeserved subsidy to those just tying onto the service.

In other action, council members are scheduled to consider switching its cafeteria insurance coverage to the AFLAC Co. An employee insurance committee determined AFLAC offered more coverage at less cost than the current provider. AFLAC would also administer the existing policies at no additional cost, committee members said.

The plan provides coverage to employees, such as higher life policy values and cancer policies, in addition to the normal health and life insurance provided by the city. The employees must pay the premiums on any additional coverage themselves, but get the advantage of having premiums deducted from their paychecks before taxes are applied.

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