When we first started cooking turkey burgers, we called them turkey hamburgers

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

When we first started cooking turkey burgers, we called them turkey hamburgers. That didn’t feel right. Obviously, we weren’t eating hamburgers with all their sumptuous calories. Turkey burgers couldn’t compete with the real thing, but they’re pretty good in their own right fresh off the grill.
We’ve made a few changes over the past year, as my incredibly shrinking wife, Michaela, slowly shed 75 pounds.
You’ve heard about someone with a bounce in her step. Michaela proves that’s not just a clichampé. It’s real and fun to watch, especially after Friday weigh-ins with her Weight Watchers group.
It hasn’t been as difficult as she’d thought it would be, but it hasn’t been easy, either.
We can laugh about Cupcake Week now, but it was tough going. Someone gave the kids about a dozen high-quality cupcakes. Michaela was strong, not touching one while the rest of us enjoyed ourselves.
The scale still registered a two-pound increase on Friday, which resulted in a horrible weekend. Forget what I mentioned earlier, we still can’t laugh about it.
That was a rare setback. She’s been great about counting her Weight Watchers’ points, and exercising. The Mighty Daily Journal pays her Wellness Center fee on a sliding scale based on her number of visits.
For years, she was a member and we paid full price because she seldom went. That used to make my eye go twitchy whenever I thought about paying for a service we weren’t using. Now, we don’t pay a dime.
During vacation season in July, she apologized when she thought she’d get only enough visits for the Mighty Daily Journal to pay three-quarters of the fee. I made her apologize for apologizing. Besides, she actually got all of her visits in for the month.
Thanks to her workout habits, we spent an August day closer to home paddling down Bear Creek as a family, something we wouldn’t have considered a year ago.
It was a beautiful day, brought to us by all of her hard work.
The kids and I learned from Cupcake Week and we’ve gotten better at supporting her. She’s also supporting me as I make some changes.
We know her big challenge will be maintaining good habits going forward. We understand she could put the weight back on faster than she lost it, so it’s fair to say we’re wary about the future.
But the 75-pound mark deserves to be celebrated. It’s time to spike the ball in the end zone and let it bounce, bounce, bounce.
I’ve had the privilege of watching her belief grow bigger as her body has grown smaller.
I’m proud of her. More importantly, she’s proud of herself.
There’s another clichampé that applies here. I’ve heard her say it too many times to count: “If I can do it, anybody can.”
And take if from me, there’s nothing like a good turkey burger fresh off the grill.
M. Scott Morris is a Daily Journal feature writer. Contact him at (662) 678-1589 or scott.morris@journalinc.com.

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