Why I Relay

We’ve asked everyone to let us know why they Relay. We would still like to receive your stories. Please share them with us.
Occasionally I’ll meet someone that doesn’t really know that much about Relay for Life, and I’m always happy to share what I know. Relay for Life was begun by Dr. Gordy Klatt to raise money for his local American Cancer Society office and to show support for all of his patients who had cancer.
Relay continued as a means to raise money for cancer research nationwide and to provide information, education and auxiliary services to those facing the battle.
Relay for Life is special event that draws people from every race, religion, gender, economic background and walk of life to join together to fight a monster. Cancer doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. It doesn’t care who loves you or who you will leave you behind. It just wants to kill you.
Relay for Life doesn’t care about those things either. It just wants to love you and help you. It is grown into a celebration of life and hope for a cure of cancer.
This event is an unbelievable experience. All of us are there because we want to fight this monster, celebrate with those still here and remember those that we have lost.
I attended the first Calhoun County Relay for Life and each one since. Each year there are tears remembering our losses. And, each year there are tears of joy because there are more and more of us walking together as survivors.
Cancer treatments are progressing every year, and we all Relay so that we will see the day when there will be more survivors than thoughts of those we lost. We Relay so that we don’t have to watch people go through this horrible battle and lose. All the money raised helps to fund research and to assist those that may not be able to afford treatment.
I Relay because my wonderful mother is still with us, after having her first battle with cancer 30 years ago, and another fight seven years ago.
I Relay because my beloved Aunt Connie, who was my best friend, lost her battle.
I Relay because my sons never knew their Grandma Kelly and recently lost their aunt.
I Relay because my friend lost his wonderful, special brother and mother.
I Relay because I don’t want my sons, any of my friends, cousins, their children or anyone else to have to fight this battle and feel this pain.
I Relay because every week I hear of someone else that is in a battle with cancer, or has lost their battle.
I Relay because I’m a cancer Survivor. Why do you Relay?
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