Wicker, Cochran to support earmark moratorium

WASHINGTON – Mississippi’s two Republican U.S. senators say they will support a moratorium on earmarks in the upcoming Congress.

Sens. Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran issued statements today saying they will support the Republican position on earmarks, even though they are among the leaders in securing such funding.

In a statement released to the media this morning, Wicker said, “The people have been loud and clear about their desire to clean up the out-of-control spending in Washington, and I am listening. The message from home is strong and my job is to represent their voices. Banning earmarks now is an important first step demonstrating that we are serious about the debt and runaway spending.”

Said Cochran: “I remain unconvinced that fiscal prudence is effectively advanced by ceding to the Obama administration our constitutional authority to determine federal expenditures, but an earmark moratorium is the will of the Republican Conference. If this is what it takes to get Congress focused on the real steps needed to get our fiscal house in order, then I will take the views of my Republican colleagues to heart. Restraining overall spending and eliminating waste in government will require our undivided attention.”

NEMS Daily Journal

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