WILSON V. SCRUGGS: Peters denies allegations at least 90 times

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

OXFORD – Former Hinds District Attorney Ed Peters surfaced Wednesday amid the legal turns of the Wilson v. Scruggs case.

In filing an answer to the lawsuit filed by W. Roberts Wilson Jr., Peters denied the allegations at least 90 times, as well as “any responsibility whatsoever” for what Wilson claims.

Peters, representing himself, also noted he has “acted in a manner that was objectively reasonable.”

Peters is being sued with Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, his son Zach, former state auditor Steven Patterson, former New Albany attorney Timothy Balducci and unnamed others. Wilson is asking for millions in damages.

Wilson claims the defendants conspired to bribe Hinds Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter to thwart Wilson’s lawsuit against Scruggs over legal fees in national asbestos litigation.

He also wants damages, saying they used his “take” of the fees to bankroll other lawsuits, such as Scruggs’ against Big Tobacco.

The Scruggses, Patterson and Balducci are serving prison time in federal facilities for guilty pleas related to the attempted bribery of another circuit judge.

Dickie Scruggs also pleaded guilty to the DeLaughter bribery. DeLaughter pleaded not guilty to all charges and is scheduled for trial in August.

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