Winter weather keeps firefighters busy

djournal-fire-stockBy JB Clark

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Multiple days of freezing temperatures have kept many Lee County firefighters busy.

Tupelo Fire Chief Thomas Walker said his department responded to three fires between Monday and Tuesday and many more alarm calls.

“The lower (the temperature) gets and the longer it stays this way, the worse it will be as far as fires and burst lines go,” Walker said.

“We had a fire on Eckford Street that was a wiring issue,” he added. “And a fire at Pizzazz on West Main Street that involved using a heater to thaw out a water line. The heater got too close and caught the wood on fire.”

Walker said none of the damage was major.

The fire department was dispatched to multiple calls involving sprinkler lines bursting. When the emergency sprinkler lines burst, a water flow alarm is triggered and the fire department is notified.

In Guntown, firefighters fought two fires between Monday and Tuesday, both total losses. Guntown Fire Chief David Wood said the investigation into the causes of the two fires in incomplete, but fires involving space heaters are common this time of year.

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