Work at Verandah-Curlee House Museum moves inside



By Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – As contractors wrap up work to reinforce the structure of the Verandah-Curlee House Museum, plans are in process to make sure the story that unfolds inside is true to history.

“The interpretive team will be the lead contractor, Howard Revis based in Washington, D.C.,” said Rosemary Williams, chairwoman of the Siege and Battle of Corinth Commission. “They will research and compile information for interpreting the history of the home for visitors.”

Working with them will be the design team of Winkler/Moss of Philadelphia, Pa., a husband and wife team who will study and decide on the colors and furnishings for the home.

“They have a long history of decorating historic homes and buildings of importance throughout the nation, and I am so pleased that ours in Corinth can be added to their list,” Williams said.

Most of the museum’s current furnishings will be used in the redesign, Williams said, though some that are of no distinct period will be removed.

“These consultants are preparing a master plan and telling us what we need to do, writing the story of what we need to tell inside,” she said. “It’s something we’ll do over a period of time, because we just don’t have the funds now, but I think it’s so nice to have a plan for anyone to continue rather than having to reinvent the wheel.”

The public will get a first look at the interior the weekend of April 5-6, when the Friends of the Verandah-Curlee House have the annual home tour and art auction fundraiser.

The museum ended regular tour hours more than six years ago and was open only for tours by appointment while conditions continued to deteriorate.

“The house needs some plaster repairs and it’s probably been 25 to 30 years since it was painted inside, so we’ll be doing that kind of work inside,” Williams said. “It will be open as it is, even if they’re patching plaster. It will be good even if people are seeing work in progress.”

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