Your Opinion: April 25, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Columnists cited as Marxists against America
Present day liberalism, not that of Jacob Javits, and the sham called progressism, along with the Democratic Party, has caused our once great democracy to sink to the depths of depravity, ignorance and intolerance toward anyone with any common sense remaining or any ideas not favored by political correctness.
Locally, no more representative examples of the socialistic, Marxist doctrines of subterfuge and lies to promote an autocratic government are the two columnists Bill Minor and Marty Russell. Here are two examples of the present clan of non-thinkers who will hear no debate when it comes to issues like global warming or the reasons for going into Iraq or the dedicated service over many years of Vice President Dick Cheney. Minor writes of the local Republicans and then makes a fantastic leap to Cheney and George Bush in a column that has nothing to do with them. But the blame games is open season on Cheney and Bush, when these two writers should be chastising President Barack Obama, the worst president in my 75 years, and the most divisive politician in the present poor clan of politicians.
In the Bible Belt it would seem that Marty Russell would have acquired some Christian charity, but he is especially venomous when writing about the heart transplant of Dick Cheney. Russell must really be proud of his intolerance. Cheney, who is an honest charitable man who loves his country and has given a lifetime to save America, would never disrespect and wish harm on Minor or Russell. How can liberals and progressives sleep at night and then make such cruel statements about Cheney getting a new heart? They certainly are heartless themselves and should be looking inward to try to discover why their souls are so sere and what has caused them to be so sinful.
David Masters
New Albany

Attendance urged at AARP meeting May 1
There’s an important AARP meeting in Tupelo on Tuesday. AARP Mississippi is hosting a Mobility Community Conversation at the Lee County Library.
Here’s why I’m writing about this…
Last night my city councilman, Ward 7’s Willie Jennings, attended our neighborhood association meeting saying, “Tupelo had public transportation in 1970, back when the city had (less) population it has today. A lot of people are telling me we need public transportation again. But, if it’s only the handicapped who ever show up for these kinds of meetings, then you aren’t going to get anything done about it. If you ever want to get the those in city leadership to sit up, take notice, and do something about it, then it’s going to take a large turnout (of people) supporting this issue.”
When I spoke to Jennings after the meeting, he clarified how it’s not just the physically handicapped that need public transportation.
“Obviously, they (the physically handicapped) need more help getting around town, because they are the ones who keep showing up for these types of meetings. But let’s not forget those people who aren’t physically handicapped, but instead are financially handicapped; they also need transportation. You know that if people making $50,000 a year are struggling with $4 gas, can you imagine what it’s like for those making $15,000?”
If you would like the city of Tupelo to have public transportation again, attend one of these two meetings, and please, bring some friends with you to the Lee County Library, 219 N. Madison St., Tupelo MS 38804: Tuesday, May 1, 2012: first meeting,11:30 a.m. -1 p.m.; second meeting, 5 p.m. 6:30 p.m.
Through today, we are asked to register online at:
If you miss the April 25 registration deadline and still plan to attend, you are asked to “shoot an email” to and let Ivory Craig know which of the two meetings you will make and how many are coming with you.
Please talk to friends in your neighborhood, your church and your clubs, and let’s show our support by turning out Tuesday for this meeting.
Stephen Thompson

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