YOUR OPINION: Letter to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Congress abuses Social Security
In our Journal this week, there was a statement that our Social Security Fund is almost broke. The reason for the Fund being almost broke is not because too much has been spent paying those who receive Social Security checks. The reason is that our legislators have abused the Fund.
They have been taking it out for years – a few million here and there to build a park or something like that in their district to help them get reelected. They took money from our poor, and in many cases, the Social Security checks are their only source of income.
Because the money has been stolen, they keep raising the retirement age to cover the stolen money. They didn’t let the recipients vote on it. They didn’t take money out of their own lucrative retirement. They had rather cheat and rob those with no voice in Washington.
When you go to one of the town hall meetings and our elected officials are telling of all the wonderful things they have done, ask them if they have taken money out of the Social Security Fund and left an IOU. If they have, ask when they are going to replace it and if their own lucrative retirement is safe and secure. If they are not willing to do so, they should not be re-elected.
This situation about the Social Security Fund looks like something that would happen in a third world country. You wouldn’t think that our elected officials would rob and cheat the poorest people.
Adron Horne

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