Your Opinion: Letter to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Require men, after two kids, to have vasectomy
I will vote against Proposition 26, knowing that such a vote goes against the position of many in my church and many of my acquaintances. I am against abortion, but cannot support this proposition. In my view, it will do nothing but add to the troubles many women face. But today I want to raise some background issues found in thinking about the proposition.
Much of the noise for the proposition comes from men. They are shocked, shocked by the notion of women making decisions about their bodies. Here are two facts that should be faced by every man, by every teenage girl and boy, and by every adult woman.
First, women do not get pregnant without men. (I’m sorry. I should have inserted a warning so that those who want abstinence only taught in our schools could skip these points.)
Second, men are responsible for every wanted and unwanted pregnancy. Women produce eggs every month, but those eggs are only cells as long as sperm from men are absent.
In this brouhaha over abortion and in some cases contraception, it seems that a simple and elegant solution has been ignored. Require teenage boys and adult men to have a vasectomy after causing two pregnancies. Along with this, require men who have reached a certain age (35? 40?) without offspring to also have a vasectomy. In keeping with this approach, Viagra, Cialis and similar ‘medicines” would be banned because men could use these to produce unwanted pregnancies.
Notice the advantage of this solution: It requires men to face pregnancy with some of the pressure felt by woman. How about it, men? What’s the saying … how about having some skin in the game?
Charlotte Propes

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