YOUR OPINION: Letters to the editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Concerns expressed about abortion actions
We pray this new year that the scales fall from the eyes of those who do not see the image of their Creator on them and on each baby aborted on the altar of what humanists describe as “reproductive freedom,” the perfected freedom to do right, or to do wrong in an empty existentialistic individualism where God is warned by autonomous man not to “tread on the holy ground of the individual unless He first puts off His shoes.”
We pray that those who define a life worth living by the subjective phrase – “a life of minimum quality,” ask themselves if this is somehow worse than – no life at all for infants who are given no chance to laugh, to cry, to strive, to overcome, or to experience that first breath of life as they burst into the world – asking for no guarantees of outcomes, for there are none – only a chance to be the person that God intended for them to be.
We pray for the women who are scarred by encounters with abortionists, and the workers there like one woman whose job was to assemble the tiny legs, arms, and torsos after each abortion to ensure no infection in the mother. The worker resigned after repeated nightmares of babies waiting for her – little arms and legs crossed, asking only – why?
The celebration of the birth of the Christ child has just passed, and the modern armies of Herod seem to view children again an enemy of the messianic state – children like Christ with chubby hands destined to be scarred and dimpled feet to be pierced by the nail. We pray that our churches once again preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, not some watered down, social gospel, and that ministers lead their flocks to the only altar where man must bow – the altar of God Almighty, and remind them that assuming supernatural powers will crush us, and of Christ’s words, that what we do to the least of those among us – we do to Him.
M.W. Temple

Holland’s ego exposed in his Sunday column
Let me preface this response by saying that I live in Alabama. I do not vote in Mississippi. I work in Mississippi five days a week and I listen to talk radio most days on my commute.
I have heard interviews Rep. Steve Holland has given on numerous occasions. I can not understand how the people Rep. Holland represents can continue to send an individual with as large an ego as he has to represent their district. His attitude should be an embarrassment to ANY Mississippian. From listening to his interviews, to hearing recordings of committee sessions, it is my opinion that he has an attitude of, my way or no way. Whatever happened to the humble public servant?
It would be my opinion that I would not have Rep. Holland on any committee dealing with healthcare issues when his lack of leadership could possibly have left this state’s heathcare program in the shape it now finds itself. I believe Rep. Holland by his past demeanor would be a severe distraction to any meaningful reform to Mississippi’s progress in healthcare issues.
I had to respond after reading the column in Sunday’s paper by Rep. Holland. Immediately after reading his column I almost laughed. Who is the wounded party? Rep. Steve Holland, or, the State of Mississippi? I believe the State will survive just fine.
Rick Brown
Trussville, Ala.

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