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By NEMS Daily Journal

Presley helped bring NLWA issues into light
I am really offended by the campaign ads by Boyce Adams for Public Service Commissioner. He blames Brandon Presley for the dirty water that North Lee Water Association members have put up with for a long time. As a member of that association, I can assure you that every call I have made to Mr. Presley (about any matter related to his jurisdiction) has been handled and I even received a phone call to make sure the matter was corrected. This excellent service was rendered before the election cycle began. That is how he has run his office from day one of his term as PSC. To be honest, we were surprised that he and his staff were so accessible.
I believe the NLWA is in the process of making the necessary corrections to deliver clean, clear water to its customers. We will be electing a new board of directors and adopting new (up-dated, in compliance) bylaws. This problem dates back decades. When NLWA first began in 1966, there were not many members. Recently the great exodus to the Saltillo area began. I believe we are in the process of correcting the problems we have all experienced.
If the producer of those negative ads paid attention, he/she would realize that the Public Service Commissioner has limited power over water associations. At least Mr. Presley got others involved in solving this problem and I, for one, thank him for that.
Judith Clemons

Nancy Collins cares about public schools
I’ve lived in Tupelo for most of my 61 years and have known Nancy Collins for all of my 61 years. As young girls, we attended church together and slept in a drafty log cabin on a memorable weekend jaunt. As an adult, I have been privileged to know her as a staunch advocate for those in need. Her work for Sanctuary Hospice House, Habitat for Humanity, and Parkgate Pregnancy Center, among others, has won her numerous awards for public service.
Along with her humanitarian concern, Nancy is unfailing in her commitment to education and classroom teachers. As an educator with 39 years of experience, I spent most of my career at Tupelo High School. I love this profession and want only the very best for it. Without a doubt, true learning begins in the classroom; we must focus our best efforts there in order to give Mississippi’s students the quality education they deserve. Too, funds must be made available for public education, and these funds must be used wisely and effectively to gain the maximum benefit from them. Finally, promises to current and retired teachers must be kept.
Nancy has met with teachers in our district and has listened to our needs. She has specifically stated that “a deal is a deal” regarding retirement pay. She can be trusted not only to take care of us as teachers and retirees, but to do what is best for education in Mississippi.
Nancy Collins is passionate in commitment to public service. She deserves the opportunity to return to Jackson as our state senator and to continue the work that she has begun. Nancy will work tirelessly for the betterment of Mississippi and all of its citizens.
Lynn Gravlee McAlpin

Stacy Scott places school funds first
There have been two Letters to the Editor published recently that show there must be some confusion on the MAEP (Mississippi Adequate Education Program), the basic funding formula for Mississippi’s public schools. The Mississippi Parents’ Campaign (, a nonpartisan group dedicated to improving education in Mississippi, promotes the MAEP and tracks voting records of the various office holders on educational issues. Here are the points listed on their website concerning MAEP:
The MAEP provides funding for:
* Teacher and other district employee salaries, retirement and insurance, NOT administration
* Textbooks and other instructional materials
* Basic operational costs (utilities, facility maintenance, etc.)
I do not really see how purchasing textbooks and classroom supplies, keeping the lights turned on, or trying to keep teacher salaries from dropping to 50th in the nation is “throwing money” into education. There is a reason supply lists have gotten longer at the beginning of school the last couple of years. Our teachers are doing the best they can with what they are allowed to have.
From what little I’ve seen, Sen. Nancy Collins, R, Tupelo, seems like a nice person, but when she had the opportunity to support my kids, the fact is that she didn’t. The fact is the Parents Campaign gave her a 0 percent rating on funding public education. Stating a fact is not rhetoric, it’s not just another catch phrase, and it’s not attacking someone.
Please vote for Stacy Scott on Nov. 8.
Missaha Larabee

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