Your Opinion May 26, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Sports director thanks citizens for event support
I would like to thank everyone who played a role in bringing the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team to Tupelo, and the people who came out to watch the games at Veterans Park. The generosity of the event sponsors was amazing.
The Tupelo Veterans Council was eager to bring this group to Tupelo and, on short notice, was able to pull together the volunteers to support this event. Rex Moody of the Tupelo Veterans Association and Don Lewis of the Tupelo Parks and Recreation were instrumental in putting the event together. A special thanks to the Tupelo Police Department, Tupelo Fire Department and Tupelo Water and Light for putting together teams to play in the event.
During the weekend, Wounded Warrior team members were praising Tupelo’s citizens for their southern hospitality and expressed their desire to visit Tupelo again. One player in particular told me that he had never been treated so well.
I am grateful I had the opportunity to talk with the players and hear their stories. Many of these men had every reason to give up, but none did, and their determination was fortified by their ordeals. None of them would change anything about their life and each was so appreciative for everything they received and they no longer take life for granted like they did before.
If you did not get a chance to see them while they were here, I encourage you to visit their website at to read about them and learn how they became a team that is now touring the nation. What great respect I have for the guys who are serving our country and risking their lives so that we may enjoy the lives we lead.
Seth Gaines
Director of Sports Development
Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau

State needs stronger animal cruelty regs
On April 17, a puppy mill operator in Potts Camp surrendered 39 adult dogs to Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. These dogs were in deplorable conditions with one (Annie) requiring major dental surgery.
Mills like the one in Potts Camp keep dogs in small wire cages 24 hours a day with minimal food and water, no veterinary care, and no positive human contact. It is abuse in the truest sense of the word. Mill operators breed these dogs until they cannot produce anymore and then discard them like so much rubbish, or even kill them.
Several states have strong laws to prevent puppy mill abuses including major agricultural states such as Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Mississippi is not one of these states. The animal cruelty law in Mississippi is woefully inadequate and allows inhumane mills like the one in Potts Camp to operate at the expense of the dogs kept there. Mississippi is typically ranked as one of the most compassionate states in the nation, so it is time for all of us to step up and put an end to these cruel puppy mills in our state once and for all. Please contact your local Legislator and ask them to put an end to puppy mills in Mississippi.
I would like to encourage everyone to view these dogs on the Oxford Humane Society Facebook page or even go to the shelter and look into their eyes for yourself.
Richard K. McNeer

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