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From Monroe river site of teen’s drowning
hiplady wrote on Wednesday, Jun 10 at 09:06 AM
i am praying for the family. this makes two that drowned in monroe county. i think that there needs to be a public swimming pool again. that way kids won’t go into rivers to swim. the county could get stymulis money for this project. there is work in building a pool. if paying for the labor is a problem, then take the prisoners out of the jails that have the skills and get them to work on this.
it is sad that kids don’t have a place to swim. as i said before, i am praying for this family.

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Across The Bridge: Monroe County Musings on the death of Ean Evans
breeze1 wrote on Tuesday, Jun 09 at 06:59 PM »
Amen, you got that right brother. I met Ean a few years back on one of the Skynyrd Cruises and he was all you said and more! He never missed a chance to stay in touch with me and fill me in on all that he was up to. A true Southern Gentleman and he is sorely missed!

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RHETA GRIMSELY JOHNSON: Sad songs accompany ride with memories on Natchez Trace

Woolhat wrote on Saturday, Jun 06 at 11:28 AM »
This is your forte, Ms Johnson. Nobody does this kind of piece better. leave the political rants to the likes of Ann Coulter, Rush, and other Mollie Ivins wannabees. That’s their forte.

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MSU’s Bumphis, Russell quickly start clicking

Dawgaholics-United wrote on Friday, Jun 05 at 09:04 AM »
He’s had that same hip injury ever since day 1. Too bad for him. He had a lot of potential.

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