YOUR TURN: Health care debate

There has been plenty said on about health care. Read what has been said and tell us your thoughts.

A few of the comments about health care …

Mr. T – I wonder how many people that have lost their jobs and their health insurance for their families,attended this meeting? (Comment after a meeting in Tupelo recenlty.) I read yesterday that Harry Truman was the first president that suggested that this country needed some type of national health insurance. I guess that is what you call an “unholy rush to cram it down people’s throats”. The haves seem to take delight in keeping their feet on the the throats of the have nots.

Buckskin 1 – As free Americans we have the opportunities to go from paupers to millionaires if we are willing to work for it. I haven’t made it yet but I have not given up. Those who aren’t willing to make an effort should not blame me for their problems much less expect me to work and pay for their way of life if they choose not to make an effort. Healthcare needs reform but not this way.

tgirl – My suggestion would be to obtain a copy of the HR3200 bill and read it first before you make a decision on Mr. Childers voting NO on this. It is my understanding that very few that are for this have read it. We may be grateful for a veto later on. FREE does not always mean what it says. We need to research these thing before we WANT them. Hind sight is always 20 20 and most of the time, too late.

SEANKAUFMAN – First – – nowhere in the bill does it kill your option to purchase private coverage – – or keep your private coverage. That’s baloney and anyone who has looked at it will know this.

Second – – everything else you list are scare tactics too! I know people who have lived in Canada, Great Britain and France and all say don’t buy this BS. Doctors get to focus on what they should focus on – – caring for the patient using the most appropriate treatment and medicine. They don’t have to ask blue cross or united health for their permission to treat you.

Right now a MASSIVE CORPORATION gets to decide whether your treatment or medicine is necessary! You’re putting our life into the hands of a massive careless bottom line driven monster. One that will sniff out a reason to drop your coverage if needed procedure doesn’t fit into their business plan. Your life means nothing to them.

If you want that fine! Keep your current coverage. But those who NEED health care deserve a shot.

dawgfan88: The Dems and Repubs have messed up our country and it is time for us to stand up for what is right. It does not matter to me which party you support but this Obamacare is a bad idea! Do not force me to take something I do not want! There needs to be some changes to the way health care is handled but I for one do not want the government running my health care. What have they ever done efficiently? If someone can not afford health care, I have no problem with the government handling theirs but if I can pay for mine do not force me to something that will take forever to do!!!

It is your turn. Tell us what you think.

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