Zoning Commission questioned about Long Street structure

ABERDEEN – At a recent meeting of the Aberdeen Planning and Zoning Commission, Aberdeen resident Edward Kelly questioned the board regarding a structure next door to his home on Long Street.
“My wife and I were out of town from October until March,” Kelly said. “When we returned, there was a structure built next door to our home – it was not there when we left. This structure was erected without a building permit. Building Inspector Terry Lenoir issued it after the fact, and it does not meet the city’s zoning codes.”
According to Kelly, the building permit for the structure was issued for the building of a dwelling. Kelly said the structure, built by Jose Schrock, did not meet the city’s standards for a dwelling and was instead, a shed.
“I am not kidding around with you by presenting this,” Kelly said. “This permit was issued for a one-story, 14×30 residential structure. As you can see by the photos I have presented, this is not what this structure is being used for and it’s much bigger than the required size. All I am asking is for the City of Aberdeen to enforce its zoning codes. I am not going to defend the code – you guys need to live by the code. This structure is illegal. We just want to be able to live in our home and have the codes properly enforced.”
Kely requested the commission have the city’s engineer inspect the structure.
Schrock was present at the meeting, but he did not address the board. His attorney, Peter Martin, responded to Kelly’s allegations.
“Mr. Schrock has done a good job of fixing (sic) up that property and he has improved it greatly,” Martin said. “Did he tell you he has been having a property dispute with the Kellys? This whole thing is about that dispute. Now he’s saying y’all need to spend a bunch of money to have an engineer look at it – you can find something wrong with anything. The building is a storage shed. It’s not a house, but if the permit said it was a house, it might be a misunderstanding.”
Jim Edwards, commission secretary, said the city was responsible for the mistake.
“Here’s what is not erroneous – Terry approved that structure on behalf of the City of Aberdeen. This is why we need a third party to examine the structure.”
Commission chairman Charles Hodges said he would speak with Mayor Jim Ballard in regards to getting an engineer to examine the structure.

Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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