Do you agree that federal funds for highways is an essential function of government?

Do you believe the Medicare, Disability and Social Security trust funds will be fixed by Congress?

Will the Mississippi Republican party’s divisions over the U.S. Senate primary runoff affect Thad Cochran’s chances for re-election in November against Democrat Travis Childers?

Do you agree that adequate highways and urban roads are essential for safety and prosperity?

Do you agree that debris removal is essential when a natural disaster occurs?

Should the Legislature and statewide leaders work to prevent Mississippians who legally signed up for subsidized health insurance coverage seek to prevent their losing coverage if a federal court ultimately rules the subsidy illegal in some instances?

Has Chris McDaniel convinced you that the result of the Republican U.S. Senate runoff he lost to Thad Cochran should be challenged?

Do you agree that the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau is effective in promoting the city for maximum visitor and tourism revenue?

Do you agree that the North Lee Water Association’s board of directors’ meetings should be open to the public?