Hillary Clinton was right back in 1998 when she said there was “a vast right-wing conspiracy” dedicated to attacking her husband. It’s alive, well and directed now at her. However, her critics are also right when they say both Bill and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly shown disdain for the ethical proprieties of public life, blurring […]

Eminently qualified to head up the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), Glenn McCullough won’t have a cakewalk. Gov. Phil Bryant announced McCullough’s appointment last Thursday, saying, “He can build a consensus and get things done. We have great momentum in Mississippi, and Glenn will take that success to the next level.” First, though, McCullough must grapple […]

Montessori develops the joy of learning After years of reading newspaper articles telling us what is wrong with our public schools in Mississippi and how to fix them – usually involving testing and more testing and changing the way these tests are taught – an article in the Daily Journal on education that actually makes […]

Should Tupelo focus on the kinds of changes in its living, retail and entertainment patterns that will attract a new generation of business and professional people?

The anticipated opening of three new restaurants in Tupelo during the next three weeks affirms the economic importance of the food industry in the city and its impact as a quality-of-life identifier. The three – Mug Shots Grill & Bar in Fairpark, Bim Bam Burgers in Midtown on South Gloster where Atlanta Bread Co. operated, […]

The life of the wife of a presidential candidate can sometimes be like the government. Taxing. You wake up and blink through that first cup of coffee, trying to register that the Politico headline blaring “How Rand Paul blew it on Baltimore” is about your husband. Did Rand go to Baltimore? What did he blow? […]

U.S. and Iranian officials have been insisting the last several years that they wanted to resolve the nuclear issue before discussing the sectarian wars that are raging across the Middle East. Not anymore. As the battles have escalated in recent months, so has talk about regional diplomacy. The interest in peace talks was voiced by […]

And the Tupelo Spirit lives to lead again … Last year at this time, we were thanking you for your amazing help with our schools after the tornado. Almost to the day, we want to say thank you once again for your support of our school district in the recent passing of our Safe + […]

What do you do when your child that never asks you for anything and is really sensitive to your situation as a single parent, excitedly comes to you and says, “Mama, will you do me a favor?” And you can’t do it or can’t give it? In December, my son, Taylor, asked me to write […]