In 2008 when the global economy imploded, experts predicted there would be no quick bounce-back. Perhaps more significantly, those who study this stuff nonstop said that when the U.S. economy did start clicking again, we might not recognize it. Now comes a report in USA TODAY validating that vision. Out with the old; in with […]

Hopefully, you’ve already taken a deep breath and let Ebola hysteria pass you by. It’s easy to see where the panic comes from. The disease is horrible. The stories coming out of West Africa are heart-breaking. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone still have widespread and intense transmission, according to the World Health Organization. The health […]

The latest data on graduation and dropout rates in Northeast Mississippi tells us only one thing definitively: Improving the region’s educational attainment level is a long-term process. Disappointingly, graduation rates for students who entered as freshmen in 2009 and were scheduled to graduate in 2013 fell in 18 of 31 school districts in the region […]

In any health care setting, it is wise to listen to the nurses, who see all. Their reports from Dallas about the initial procedures used in treating Thomas Eric Duncan are appalling. Safety suits with exposed necklines left nurses to cover skin with tape. When tape is removed, it abrades the skin. One health expert […]

National polling on the Nov. 4 midterm elections confirms a doleful trend that’s been firming up all year: Voters aren’t enthusiastic about their choices – on either side. A Gallup Poll last week found that only 32 percent of voters said they felt “extremely motivated” to go to the polls this year, down sharply from […]

In little more than two weeks, Mississippians will decide who will represent them in the United States Senate for a new six-year term, choosing between six-term incumbent Republican Sen. Thad Cochran and former 1st District Congressman Travis Childers, the Democratic nominee. The contrast between this quiet general election contest and the acrimonious, high-decibel Republican primary […]

Let’s step back a bit from normal prognostication in what has now supplanted the 1983 Mississippi gubernatorial campaign as the strangest political campaign in the state’s long and bewildering political history. The 1983 campaign merely generated still legally unproven and still legally unchallenged allegations of sexual misconduct. It set off media fistfights, a small parade […]

Richard Preston, whose 1994 book “The Hot Zone” brought the Ebola virus terrifyingly alive for readers, once described how, during his research, his biohazard suit had ripped open, exposing him to a potentially fatal toxin. “I started to feel giddy,” Preston wrote in “Panic in Level 4,” a 2008 collection of essays. “It was an […]