Tupelo Community Theatre further enhanced its growing reputation for excellence with major awards won at the American Association of Community Theaters national festival last weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan. TCT earned its way to the nationwide competition when its production of “Lone Star,” a James McClure one-act comedy that is bawdy and also endearing as […]

One stereotype we Southerners love to hear praises our collective gentility. We open doors for ladies. We say yes ma’am and no sir. When a friend’s momma dies, we send flowers and food. When a hearse-led procession passes, we pull over. These gestures don’t change anything. Momma is still dead. But they ease the grief […]

“Dad,” she said, “I bought you some weed today.” “Excuse me?” I said. “I bought you some weed today,” she said again. “…Thank you?” was the best I could come up with. Turns out my daughter had picked some weeds for me at the playground at school earlier that day. However, that’s not how she […]

Obama demonstrated grace in Pinckney eulogy I am so proud of our president, Barack Obama. His responsibility is awesome and his courage is amazing. May God grant him and all Americans the grace he spoke of Friday in the eulogy/sermon he delivered at the funeral of the Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, S.C. I hope […]

Have you ever attended a TCT performance?

National and state headlines might have garnered a lot of attention last week, but there were plenty of good things happening in our area on which to reflect. Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from last week: • Tupelo added another trophy to its […]

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said Friday that the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision that same-sex couples can marry nationwide isn’t immediately applicable in Mississippi based on a prior ruling by U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves that granted a preliminary injunction blocking Mississippi’s past ban on same-sex marriages. The roadblock is procedural in nature, but […]

“What confounds you most about our state?” Sid Salter asked me in 2002. “Two things,” I responded, “our lingering love to hate and our sand box mentality. Bitter the irony that evil seeds of hate and selfishness can grow in the same big hearts of people who reach out to help others in times of […]

People need grow up and get a grip This flag issue is broken down. I don’t agree at all. I’m not a race hater, either. Why don’t people realize that the Confederate flag represents the Southern 11 states and lots of folks like it that way. That flag is not racist. Some folks just want […]