In the same week that the new must-have iPhone 6 was all the buzz, an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal about a quaint relic of the past: book clubs. Only these were not elderly ladies gathering over chicken salad to talk a little about a book they’d already read, mainly as an excuse […]

The U.S. has made the same mistake in evaluating fighters from the Islamic State that it did in Vietnam – by underestimating the enemy’s will, according to James Clapper, the director of national intelligence. Clapper’s comments came in a telephone interview Wednesday, in which he summarized the elements of a new “National Intelligence Strategy” released […]

Making choices may be too late Most people take a rational approach to making difficult decisions, especially decisions that will have lasting impacts on themselves or others. For instance, when facing decisions concerning surgery, they will often compare doctors, hospitals, and costs before committing themselves or their loved ones to health or even life threatening […]

In addition to its emphasis as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence has recently become a focus because of charges against players in the National Football League, though it remains one of those issues whispered about and kept secret behind closed doors. Don’t let media attention to these […]

The pursuit of perfection is usually foredoomed, but the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, which has a latitudinarian understanding of ethical behavior, has a perfectly awful idea. It is urging the City Council to consider ways of paying – starchier ethicists might call it bribing – people to vote. Some ideas are so loopy that […]

Encouraging news about American crops as the fall harvest approaches provides a reminder that a portion of our food plenty should be shared in the United States and elsewhere with the hundreds of millions who live in some kind of risk situation related to hunger, malnutrition and food supply. Mississippi, not surprisingly but unfortunately, is […]

Jay Bell, my good friend from “Bradenton-Fun-in-the-Sun-Baby-Florida,” declined to participate in this week’s column because he fears he’s becoming overexposed. I’m usually the one who makes him wait when he calls and says, “Morris, Morris, Morris,” the way he does. The Jaybird has visited Tupelo since my wife and I moved here more than 18 […]

When President Obama addressed the nation last week about building a coalition to fight ISIS, there was a critical word that he never mentioned. That word was Iran. The absence of the I–word was telling, because Shiite Iran is a crucial player in any effort to repel the Sunni jihadi of the Islamic State of […]

Highway 17 heading north from Charleston is the kind of funky, low-country trail I love. Roadside vendors sell sweetgrass baskets made in Gullah tradition, and late-summer flora is profuse and aquarium green. I stop at McClellanville Diner, where photographs on the wall show the boat that last night caught the shrimp you eat today. A […]