The House that freshman state Rep. Tim Ford joined in 1980 was one ruled by an all-powerful speaker who took care of his friends, ignored his enemies and marginalized the relatively small number of African-American lawmakers – a group that had grown from four to 17 in the election that brought Ford to the Legislature. […]

Give the Republicans the state’s taxing power and what do they do with it? Install the reverse Robin Hood doctrine: Give to the rich and take from the poor. I know, its election year and its circus time for lawmaker/clowns to toss gaudy trinkets to their audience. But nobody could have dreamed up the Gunn […]

Use turn signals for public safety I retired after more than 40 year of law enforcement. One of the more interesting areas of that career was presenting a Defensive Driving Course to the general public. This course was created by the National Safety Council after many years of research. It’s updated often. At the start […]

Should potential contractors be given a chance for rebid to meet financial limits when specific cost overruns can be identified?

A newly published report from the education advocacy organization Mississippi First further confirms the persistent problems of access and quality statewide in pre-K education, an issue widely acknowledged and never comprehensively addressed. The report, “The State of Public PreKindergarten in Mississippi,” shows access to public pre-K is high in pockets of Mississippi but varies throughout […]

Tim Ford’s speakership had its rocky moments during his first term presiding over the Mississippi House of Representatives. In separate interviews through the years, both Ford and his successor as speaker, Billy McCoy, D-Rienzi, relayed essentially the same story. The rowdiness and dissension among many of the so-called rebels who were responsible for the downfall […]

Apparently Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn wants to get your goat. Given the blind devotion by voters to Gunn and his Republican colleagues in statewide office, he already has. But now it’s obvious that Gunn not only wants your goat, he also wants your vote and he, like some of his colleagues, is not beyond […]

Can Mississippi resolve its issues with pre-K schooling without substantially more state investment?

Tupelo, like other cities and counties, has specific continuing projects planned to request state bond funds over a period of years, phasing in construction to add to the economic base. This year, the Legislature has under consideration proposals for $1.655 million in bonds for two major tourism/economic development projects in Tupelo: additional improvements at the […]