Black lives matter!” was the chant heard at recent demonstrations in cities and towns from Ferguson, Missouri, to Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, they do matter, but apparently not so much to some other blacks. Only when a white police officer shoots or engages in other behavior that results in the death of a black man do […]

Imagine one day you’re poking along down the highway, a gargantuan vehicle behind you honks, galumphs past you in another lane and unsettles you by its size and proximity to the point of road rage – except for one thing. When you glance to your side with a fist about to wave in the air, […]

David Dodson, a specialist in expanding opportunity and empowering regional success, brought his view of economic upward mobility to Northeast Mississippi on Wednesday, offering both optimistic encouragement and jolting facts about our region and the larger South’s economic shortfalls. Dodson’s firm is MDC, a think-tank and enabler used by the CREATE Foundation and similar entities […]

Mansfield Downes was laid to rest in his native Pearl River County 30 years ago this summer much as the plucky carpenter had lived, in the eye of a hurricane. His funeral in Picayune had to be delayed for a day because Hurricane Elena was passing through town the day he was to be buried. […]

One can understand why The Weekly Standard’s William Kristol would try to nullify Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, but smearing all baby boomers in the process seems a stretch of veracity in the service of a blank page. In the June 1 issue of the conservative magazine he co-founded, Kristol writes that we’ve had enough already […]

Will Tupelo succeed in finding an airline that can attract passengers back to the Tupelo Regional Airport?

Cliff Nash, the recently hired executive director of Tupelo Regional Airport, offered no magic wands or potions for what ails the once-thriving city-owned airfield on West Jackson in west Tupelo, and as much as many seek a quick fix, there’s not one. Nash, who succeeds Josh Abramson, who accepted an executive’s position with the airport […]

It is obvious that this year’s state elections will be dominated by education funding. Democrats claim the Republican leadership has resisted efforts to fully fund public education to the detriment of local school districts and the state as a whole. Republicans claim Democrats are playing partisan politics with education. Of course, they are. Republicans are, […]