A week from today, June 2, two candidates, Republican Trent Kelly, of Saltillo, and Democrat Walter Howard Zinn Jr., of Pontotoc, are in runoff a non-partisan special election to determine who succeeds the late Alan Nunnelee, R-Tupelo, to represent the 1st Congressional District. They received the most votes among 13 candidates who sought the seat. […]

“Is it working?” That’s an easy question most of the time. Problem is, when lawmakers and regulation writers fix something broken, they rarely ask. They stick to their fix whether it works or not. Consider the predicament of Carnell Alexander. In 1991, Alexander, who lives in Michigan, was pulled over for a traffic violation. When […]

I am proud to be a card carrying member of Local 32035 of the Communications Workers of America. It was not always thus. The Washington Post is an open shop, and I dropped my membership several years ago when the union was encouraging readers to cancel their subscriptions to protest some management action. I didn’t […]

Today at Veterans Park in Tupelo and in countless other venues around the nation a modest crowd will gather to mark this day set aside to honor American servicemen and women who died while serving their country. Most of the rest of us will simply enjoy the day off from work, gathering with family and […]

Kenny Milam’s comments are excerpted from his longer narrative about service in Vietnam. Memorial Day is a time when veterans pause to reflect on their time of service. It has been 45 years since the Army sent me to Vietnam. I decided to write down my story for family and in memory of the 58,145 […]

In schools districts that fared poorly on the 3rd grade reading tests, many school officials and parents blame lack of funding by the Legislature. For example, Superintendent Powell Rucker attributed Holmes County’s 59 percent passing rate to student poverty, lack of funding, and rapid teacher turnover. “It is not a test that even needed to […]

Mississippi’s economic growth reports don’t often highlight the increasingly successful role of women-owned businesses, but positive facts from national statistics suggest our state has vast potential in two women-related growth sectors with reason to expect better results. First, in late 2014, the Mississippi Business Journal reported that Mississippi is ranked in the Top 5 nationwide […]

Because so many Republicans want to be president – or at least pretend they do – debate organizers have decided to eliminate the least popular from the stage based on how they rank in the latest national polls. Fox News, which is hosting the first televised debate Aug. 6, and CNN, host of the second […]