It’s not merely the Mississippi prison vendor contracts that should draw scrutiny in the wake of the Chris Epps corruption probe. The state’s private prison contracts should also be examined. Why? Because the Epps indictment draws into question not just the vendor contracts Epps signed and brokered, but the overall direction of the state’s correctional […]

Voter photo ID – Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s claim to fame – continues to be a divided national story. Adherents and foes are still up on opposite sides months after some observers (Hosemann among them) declared it was a settled issue. The recent midterms focused new attention on what impact voter ID had […]

Does your county have any resort permits from Alcohol Beverage Control of the Department of Revenue?

Oxford and Lafayette County have received national coverage in praise of the quality of life they offer in a small-city, rural-county setting, their successes building on that asset reflected in a steady population growth projection by the Census, median residence values in Oxford more than twice the statewide average, and wide-ranging economic development. Two recent […]

There are any number of marvelous things one might do as president, if Congress were not such a checked and balanced mess. But future presidents now have a new method at their disposal: Declare a long-running debate to be a national emergency. Challenge Congress, under threat of unilateral executive action, to legislate on the topic […]

If there’s one thing we can all be thankful for this holiday it’s that we haven’t killed each other off already because of petty differences over things like race, religion and politics, three topics we’ve at least learned not to bring up around the family Thanksgiving feast if we want to be invited to stick […]

Care for the aging people elicits praise from reader On Nov. 16, as I read the Sunday Journal I was excited by the articles, amidst the many regarding the need for improved pre-kindergarten instruction, regarding concerns for elderly citizens. The long journey of a half century covered in a few pages. The comparison of dollars […]

Do you plan to spend more on holiday gifts this year than in 2013?

Optimism statewide and in Northeast Mississippi suggests the 2014 holiday shopping season may produce strong sales – and profits – for many retailers whose margins are made in the weeks before Christmas. Blake Wilson, head of the Mississippi Economic Council, said Monday he has encountered “very strong consumer confidence” statewide, with “very high” confidence among […]