There’s no need to sugarcoat the fact that losing a child is perhaps the greatest emotional pain a person can endure. Those who have experienced that pain deserve the deepest and sincerest sympathy – whether the loss occurred three days or three decades ago. Often, though, the pain of great loss is channeled into something […]

During my career as a health lawyer, I have presented both sides of an issue to clients. When the Affordable Care Act was enacted in March 2010, I spoke to various audiences explaining the provisions and impact on their businesses – health care and otherwise. The law has many parts: insurance reform, Medicare payment reduction, […]

Citizens should have opportunity to vote When a felon has completed his/her sentence their voting rights should be fully restored. These laws all around the country were just another Republican effort to restrict the vote from a whole class of citizens. And the lead story on Page 1 of the Feb. 8 edition shows that […]

Two Northeast Mississippi school districts received state approval last week to begin using innovative education methods in the classroom, a true testament to this region’s commitment to providing the best form of public education available to students. The Baldwyn and Booneville school districts will team up as a “District of Innovation” in order to share […]

The fight in Mississippi over a very straightforward decision regarding whether it’s in the state’s best interests to collect the same seven percent sales tax on online sales that we have forced bricks-and-mortar retailers to collect since 1932 is getting heated. Opponents of online sales tax collections want you to forget many substantive facts. Forget […]

Our Legislature faces deteriorating finances as they move to fund state government for next fiscal year. Calling revenue collections for this fiscal year “disappointing,” the Daily Journal’s Bobby Harrison reported “revenue is $116 million or 4 percent below projections” for the year after falling another $18.5 million in January. In an earlier article, he noted […]

DeVos has worked tirelessly to support educational opportunities I reference the column in the Feb. 10 Daily Journal written by W. Derek Russell entitled, “Let the DeVostation commence.” This column is probably the most one-sided emotional tirade I have seen in the Daily Journal. Education Cabinet Member, Betsy DeVos (chosen by President Trump), is attacked […]

Last weekend’s Grammy celebration gave awards across the industry to the musical accomplishments of 2016. As always, the event was chock full of performances from Metallica, Beyonce and Sturgill Simpson, among others. The Grammys have been criticized as an overly-lavish boondoggle, another excuse for an industry that seeks celebrity over art to pat itself on […]

What are we to make of the direction our state is being taken by Republican leadership? Will Republicans even find it in themselves to look out for working families? Or will their agenda always be about deregulation, downsizing government and diminishing protections for government employees? When we hear about a state divided, it’s worth noting […]