October is a month of hope. Not hope that your football team will win on Saturdays or that you will find the perfect Halloween costume for your children – or dogs in my family’s case. No, the hope in October is reserved for much greater things – breast cancer awareness. The month of October is […]

Russia’ s expanded role in the Middle East has been hiding in plain sight for months. And the Obama administration, eager for Moscow’ s diplomatic help, all but invited it. Now that Russian jets and tanks have arrived in Syria, this intervention doesn’ t look so benign. “These are facts on the ground,” warns John […]

Gannon endorsed in District 19 contest This campaign season you will hear a lot of politicians say they are for a lot of things. Randy Boyd is my current state representative (District 19) and he says he is for our public schools. The record tells an entirely different story. Boyd has consistently voted against teacher […]

When my son, Taylor, entered Mississippi State University last fall, I never dreamed how that would impact not only his life, but my life as well. Because of Taylor and his employment on campus, my nephew, Steven, and I had an incredible opportunity to spend an amazing game day with the First Lady of Football, […]

Have you heard the news? Asians will displace Hispanics as the largest foreign-born group in the U.S. by 2055. I, for one, am thrilled – the pressure will be off. As someone who happily lived in a time back when the “Hispanic community” was not a commodity described almost strictly in terms of its number […]

Twinkling stars are pretty but, for astronomers, problematic. Twinkles are caused by the interference of Earth’s atmosphere with light radiating throughout the breathtakingly beautiful and unimaginably violent universe. In 1990, however, the Hubble telescope went into orbit 370 miles above Earth, beyond the atmospheric filter, peering perhaps 12 billion years into the past, almost to […]

On Sunday, churches across the country will partake in various renditions of bread and wine as part of World Communion Sunday. The tradition began with a Presbyterian Church in 1933, in Pittsburgh, to promote Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. Who knows what the disciples thought at the first Communion, when the words “This is my […]

The Republican Party’s “Freedom Caucus,” which has several less-charitable nicknames on Capitol Hill, is the dog that caught the car. Now what? Having (sort of) unseated Speaker John Boehner, these 37 or so uber-conservative House members are now scrambling for “a real leader.” Except that they aren’t really because they have no one with the […]

Broken-down optimism is the only optimism worth having. It makes sense, if you think about it. You never know when an aggressive disease, a wayward bus or a malignant bullet might smash into your life or the life of a loved one. To be alive is to court disaster. Some lucky ones go from cradle […]