The monumental tapestry triptych by Marc Chagall, hanging in the State Hall of the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem, hints at some of the artist’s own memories, including from his childhood in Vitebsk, Russia. But these float among images of Jewish history: of Moses with his tablets, of David with his harp. Images of wandering and […]


Are you ready to rumble? In one corner stand Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and their allies who want to cut taxes. In the other corner stand the champions for fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) for K-12 schools. The conventional wisdom is the state budget cannot accommodate both, so all […]

SeaPort Airlines last week received federal approval to become Tupelo Regional Airport’s next passenger service provider, with flights to Memphis and/or Nashville probably starting in October. SeaPort, founded in Juneau, Alaska, in 1982 as Wings of Alaska, for more than two decades operated entirely within the southeast Alaska region. In 2008, Wings of Alaska was […]

It wasn’t all that long ago, it seems, that I came home and she was riding her tricycle in the driveway after her first day of kindergarten and I asked her how it went. “Magnificent,” she replied. “It was more than I ever dreamed it would be.” Early on she had her mother’s enthusiasm for […]

With Iraq and Syria ablaze, the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems almost an afterthought. But Riyadh will be a crucial, if quixotic, ally as the U.S. seeks to mobilize Sunni Muslims against the terrorist Islamic State. The kingdom’s many critics argue that Saudi Arabia itself helped spread the toxic virus by bankrolling Islamist rebels […]

Men, take a stand opposing violence against all women With the football season having started, I want to challenge all coaches to teach their players about taking a stand opposing violence against women and girls. I want to commend the staff at Oklahoma University who on Aug. 18 suspended Joe Mixon who pled not guilty […]

“I think there’s fear of intimidation, harassment being legitimized by the fact that there is a high rate of crime, especially among young black men,” Williams said. “No. 1 cause of death, young black men 15 to 34 – murder. Who’s committing the murder? Not police. Other black men.” – Juan Williams ––––– Juan Williams, […]

It’s August in the capital, quiet enough for scapegoats to roam freely. In fact, the mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts came for a visit on Wednesday and released a few of this breed in the heart of downtown, at the National Press Club. Hosted by a hard-line immigration group, the mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, told an […]