Do you or your family regularly use telemedicine?

The respected online political blog, Politico, released an interesting and perhaps surprising report about health care in Mississippi that was not about ranking at or near the bottom. Mississippi, the article said, is a leader in telemedicine. It reported the state’s only academic hospital – the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson – has […]

The late January death of Jack Raymond Reed Sr. in his beloved Tupelo passed with too little notice statewide. Reed was 91 and had been out of the spotlight for a while, which was fine with him. But he did have an impact and it will long be evident. Among his greatest accomplishments, though, stems […]

Often enough, I’ll be out somewhere in town and run into someone I know – whether through a mutual friend or someone I’ve known for some time. Maybe it’s someone I’ve met through school, church, someone who knows my mom or my sister or someone who has read my writing in the newspaper. At least […]

Did you attend the 53rd Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball last week?

From a dedicated community volunteer receiving recognition to a group of law enforcement officers getting a well deserved piece of equipment, there was plenty of good news happening last week throughout Northeast Mississippi. Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from last week: • Longtime […]

Once there were four college students, buddies, who decided to hold a contest. They ventured that for an entire semester they would see who could cut the most classes while still maintaining a certain grade point average. They even put a chart on the wall for each “contestant” to mark every time he skipped a […]

“Sales tax is the only fair tax we have,” wrote a reader. “Can you find out how long it would take for a2 percent sales tax increase to fund restoration of our highways and bridges?” Hmmm. Let’s quantify the issue. The MEC/Blueprint Mississippi report entitled “Ramping Up Mississippi’s Economy Through Transportation” identified what’s needed to […]

Legislators approved state-backed incentives for two major industrial investments Thursday, apparently clinching a deal to bring a new tire manufacturer to the south Delta/Central Mississippi and more shipbuilding jobs to the Gulf Coast. The package of government borrowing ($274 million, both projects) plus tax incentives, is for now the largest in Mississippi history. The Continental […]