It’s hard out there for a journalist.That internet thing makes it difficult. Suffice to say, print journalists miscalculated the impact of that internet thing years ago. We thought it was just a passing fancy. Since then, we have been struggling to catch up, but catch up we have at the Daily Journal. Your humble scribe […]

I had never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos until recently, perhaps because I don’t visit some of the websites where his musings are published. Milo, as he calls himself because of the difficulty some have pronouncing his last name, was disinvited from this week’s Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) annual gathering of the right in Washington. […]

Legislative efforts to fund public schools for the upcoming budget year hit a snag last week with a surprise announcement by House Speaker Philip Gunn. Gunn said the House would not pass a bill to fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program before this week’s deadline. Instead, it would wait until an anticipated special session that […]

President Trump confronts complicated problems as the investigation widens into Russia’s attack on our political system. But his responsibilities are simple: A month ago, he swore an oath that he would “faithfully execute” his office and “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” That’s apparently easier said than done. Michael Flynn’s forced […]

Leaf me alone. No, that’s not a typo or a bad case of a spell-check program gone rogue, although that’s quite possible. I always told my journalism students never to rely on such programs, to use a dictionary instead. Otherwise, instead of winning a Pulitzer Prize they might, instead, wind up winning a Pullet Surprise. […]

Lee County leaders gathered last week to share the outlook of economic development, job creation and other items, brining for the first time a major public platform for county residents to hear directly from their elected representatives. During the first-ever State of the County address, current Board of Supervisors president Phil Morgan discussed in detail […]

Big mistake. To use an overused term, “Yuuge.” The Trump administration has suckered the media into allowing itself to become the story. Big mistake. Every president, every congressman, every Mississippi official, every mayor, every town councilman and more than a few litter commissioners have lamented not getting a fair shake in the press, some more […]

The Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are committed to putting Americans back to work and reforming our health-care system. New plans, however, should be shaped with our rural communities in mind. As Mississippians know, rural areas have unique challenges and needs that may not always be addressed when government policies are applied in broad […]

Questionable administration continues Recent letters have strongly criticized the public protests against Trump across America. These folk had no gripes when the Tea Party was doing the same thing to Obama, did they? When they agree with protests, it’s patriotic but now that their fair-haired boy is in charge, oh, it’s just terrible. Suppose Obama […]