Tupelo’s City Council and Major Thoroughfare Program Committee on Tuesday afternoon looked into the future of roadway transportation under the mandate of the thoroughfare program that, since 1991, has channeled more than $95.5 million into major street construction, the funding coming from a voter-approved 10-mill property tax. Tuesday’s meeting, at which no votes were taken, […]

It has long been accepted by the conventionally wise that the Republican Party is waging a “war on women.” Let’s be clear. The war on women is based on just one thing – abortion rights. While it is true that access to abortion has been restricted in several states owing to Republican efforts, it is […]

I’m still surprised that, in 1864, when the Union general burned The Square in Oxford, he didn’t give up in frustration after getting stuck in traffic going to buy the matches. I’ve been an Oxford resident for more than a decade now and I’m constantly reminded of one of the basic quandaries of quantum physics […]

Will you continue to support Tupelo’s Major Thoroughfare Program?

Will you continue to support Tupelo’s Major Thoroughfare Program?

Should Mississippi meet state commitments already made before cutting taxes?

The start of the Legislative Budget Committee’s 2016 budget cycle highlights the continuing inadequacy of funding for the legislatively mandated Mississippi Adequate Education Program. MAEP was enacted in 1997 over a veto, and fully funded only twice since passage, including the first fully phased-in year, 2003. It also was fully funded in 2007, like 2003 […]

On radio, in books and personal appearances, Dave Ramsey has become America’s best-known preacher of the joys of personal financial independence. He always invites the faithful to testify. Properly cued, individuals and couples who were saddled by debt before seeing the light are invited to shout “I’M DEBT FREE” as loudly as they can. It […]

It is a long, long way from the “JV team” to the “network of death.” It is even longer from the arguments of President Obama’s 2014 West Point commencement address – which ridiculed “tough talk,” criticized a “military solution” in Syria and ignited various straw men of military adventurism – to the substance of Obama’s […]