Mississippi’s absentee voting law is modest in scope compared to many other states, but Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann has raised concerns about fraud associated with voting absentee. He needs to say with specificity that fraud issues overwhelmingly are about unsecured ballots. Mississippi’s statewide party primary voting is Tuesday, but absentee voting has been in […]

The fact that Jim Barksdale, Mississippi’s leading philanthropist and one of the state’s most successful entrepreneurs, has endorsed the citizen-sponsored initiative to enhance the state’s financial commitment to eduction funding should not surprise anyone. After all, it was not that long ago that Barksdale literally tried to “bribe” state leaders to fund public education. In […]

If Dylann Roof thought he would become a Southern hero and reinforce Confederate values across the region by shooting down nine blacks worshiping in a Charleston church, he was totally wrong. Now Roof, a 21-year-old white man, not only faces nine murder charges by the state of South Carolina, he also faces federal hate crime […]

Fusion Furniture Inc. of Ecru announced Tuesday it would add 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its Pontotoc County plant, and then add 100 jobs to the payroll of the manufacturer of a diverse furniture line. The project, as widely reported, will cost $1.6 million, and the added jobs will give the company 430 […]

There’s a saying that politics makes strange bedfellows, meaning people usually at odds sometimes find themselves working together. Katrina did the same thing – but on a bunkhouse scale. Next month marks a decade since the hurricane etched its name into American history. Several good books document the devastation, tell the stories of suffering, sacrifice […]

I’m going to go out on a very short and sturdy limb here, like the squirrel who has been sleeping on one in the cool shade of a cedar tree outside my office window for the past few weeks during the hottest part of the afternoon when it’s too hot to hunt for nuts, as […]

Does your home county need additional manufacturing investment?

Do the main highways where you live need major maintenance work?

Mississippi’s congressional delegation, influential beyond its numbers, still can be persuasive in support of our state’s long-term needs with their negotiations to keep live highway construction nationwide despite a legislative barrier that was erected Monday afternoon. The Senate had worked hard to perfect its version of a six-year highways bill, but House Majority Leader Kevin […]