You remember him. He was smart and he knew it. Nobody liked him because he was determined to take the fun out of Christmas for everybody. He (or she) was the kid who told you Santa didn’t exist. How did he know? Because his parents told him so. Ah, his parents. They didn’t believe in […]

The nadir for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was probably last April. His Republican critics were calling him “weak” and “indecisive” after Russia’s invasion of Crimea. A deflated Obama responded meekly that sometimes the best a president can do is to hit “singles” and “doubles.” Obama still isn’t hitting home runs. But he does seem […]

Tupelo school leaders urge adequate funding We believe that education creates economic opportunities – for families and for communities. We have seen the direct results of how an investment in public education creates a workforce for international companies to call Tupelo their home. The surest way to continue this economic progress is by preparing our […]

My firstborn niece, Michelle Mitchell-Smith of Houston, Texas, died last month. But not really. Michelle donated bones, skin and eyes to LifeGift, the nonprofit organ, tissue and eye recovery organization serving North, Southeast and West Texas, so she will live on in people who will enjoy a better quality of life or whose lives are […]

When the news reminded us recently that singer Andy Williams had died a couple of years back, I got a lump in my throat. Not that I was a huge Andy Williams fan. It’s just that Andy Williams was one of the television stars that always had a Christmas special when I was a kid. […]

First there’s the spark, then the conflagration, followed by the litigation and then, surely, the movie. Call it “Moonlight Fire,” and prepare to suspend disbelief. The story is a doozy – a tale of corruption, prosecutorial abuse, alleged fraud upon the court, and possible government cover-ups in the service of power and greed. All the […]

Mother loves Christmas, so upon release from a recent hospital stay – the first of two in two weeks – she directed the decoration of the den from her lift chair in its corner. Cecil B. DeHoliday. She’s in her blue period now, a la Picasso, and so the old holiday cards are framed in […]

The chaos known as the Christmas rush may reach a commercial peak today, some retailers say, but few people would say the spirit of the season is anywhere close to its maximum impact. That wholly different and contrasting inner tension comes next week, as the hours rush toward Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. People who […]

Christmas has been coming through in small waves and simple moments. When we’ve decorated the tree in the past, the kids have squabbled, or my wife wanted to decorate when I wanted to watch football, or I lost my meager amount of cool while wrestling with tangled strands of light. None of that happened this […]