Walking ahead of two young people when one asked the other, “What are you doing this summer?” It has been a wicked winter in Mississippi. Day after day of gray skies, rain, wind. As soon as the temperature would rise above freezing for 10 minutes, another north wind would send the mercury into retreat again. […]

There will always be people who’ll wish for things to be more simple, for things to be “the way they used to be.” Some probably fall under the category of hipsters. Some are just nostalgic for the way things were, whether they actually were alive for those times or not. I don’t like the word […]

Whenever a high-profile redevelopment project of any kind kicks off, the hope is always for quick, visible results. More often than not, however, it takes a slow, steady process to make things happen. That’s certainly the case with the city of Tupelo’s West Jackson Street redevelopment project. As outlined in a story in Sunday’s Daily […]

Online retail giant Amazon.com this month began collecting sales tax for online purchases made by Floridians. Why now? It’s because Amazon.com now has a physical bricks-and-mortar presence in Florida. Florida requires online companies to begin collecting sales taxes once a company has a bricks-and-mortar “domicile” or physical presence in the state. Prior to the establishment […]

President Barack Obama last week announced the fourth and final installment of his $2 billion workforce development fund benefiting community colleges. Colleges and consortia of colleges, working closely with industry, can compete for $450 million to create career training paths for high-wage, high-skill jobs. Also last week, the Tennessee Legislature approved Gov. Bill Haslam’s plan […]

Will the city’s West Jackson Street redevelopment project ultimately succeed in removing blight and attracting middle-class homeowners?

Across campuses nationwide – including the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University – students and scientists are gearing up this weekend for the 44th annual celebration on April 22 of Earth Day, the iconic American observance marking a milestone in the environmental and sustainability movements, now reaching worldwide. Ole Miss and MSU both have […]

I offer this repeat of an earlier Easter column in the hope that it may have some application today. Happy Easter! –LG “Welcome Happy Morning” is an Easter hymn familiar in several denominations and a lifelong favorite of mine for its rousing tune and joyful lyrics. It speaks to the glory of this greatest of […]

Has the Obama administration really found the famous “exit ramp” in Ukraine that will provide an eventual diplomatic resolution of the crisis? It looked that way Thursday in Geneva, where seven hours of negotiations produced what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called “a compromise, of sorts.” President Obama doubtless will get brickbats from congressional Republicans […]