Tupelo’s long connection with railroads is a constantly changing story, and a chapter will be added this week while BNSF Railroad crews rebuild the tracks at the Jackson Street intersection. The work is necessary. The railroad is footing the bill. It will cause inconvenience. No one who cooperates with the plan for rerouting traffic need […]

Twenty-three years ago, I was pondering an offer from the Daily Journal to come to Tupelo as its editor. My wife and I knew and respected the leaders at the Journal, the job seemed a good fit and we liked what we had seen in Tupelo. But I was also working in my hometown at […]

Where do I look for hope on this week that marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide? To the brave Turkish and Armenian human rights activists who gathered in Istanbul to commemorate together the tragic events of 1915 and find a pathway to the future. The Turkish activists embrace a demand that has been […]

Lions show great work in eye help Recently I had the privilege of being a guest at a Mid-South Lions Leadership Conference held at the Hamilton Eye Institute in Memphis. This was an “eye opening” experience to say the least. I had the opportunity to hear and speak to optometrists, ophthalmologists and patients of this […]

With Tuesday’s one-year anniversary upon us, we will read many eyewitness accounts by adults who survived the April 28 tornado. But in those homes where families took shelter during the devastating winds, small children also huddled in basements, under stairs and in bathrooms. Here are, in their own words, personal accounts from two children. “My […]

April 28, 2014 is a date residents of Tupelo will remember for many years to come. April 28, 2015 is a day that has incredible significance to Tupelo as well. It is a day to remember how a terrible storm changed lives forever and how a community responded with love and resources to help put […]

Prayer is the grandest power in the entire universe,” declared Charles Haddon Spurgeon, one of the best-known Christian preachers from the 19th century. And yet it is a neglected power – often viewed as either mere ritual or, when nothing else works, a last resort. Following scriptural admonitions about the circumstances and content of prayer […]


I’ve got a clear memory of a tornado carving its way through Tupelo, but it doesn’t necessarily line up with the video I shot on April 28, 2014. YouTube can show you how the tornado looked, but it only suggests how it felt. Meteorologists told us trouble could be heading our way that day, and […]

He wore an open-collar polka-dot shirt the way some men wear Gucci. He had swagger and style and a gap-toothed smile the width of the Mississippi at flood stage. I stood in a long line waiting to shake Percy Sledge’s hand. He was being inducted into the then-new Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia, […]