They are not the same. Never have been. One is truth-centered. The other is not. Early on in his run for the presidency, Donald Trump sought to explain or excuse his earthy characterizations of others (fat, ugly, stupid) by saying, “Ya know, there’s just too much political correctness.” Well, maybe there has been too much […]

Under open procedures, the Republican-led Senate has compiled an extensive list of bipartisan accomplishments during the 114th Congress. This momentum shows no signs of slowing. Simply put, the Senate is at work for the American people. Just this year, lawmakers have enacted bills to fight the opioid crisis, protect intellectual property, and impose new sanctions […]

Have you or your children ever attended a career exposition?

Have you or someone you know made a contribution the Salvation Army’s new homeless lodge?

From a group of students being honored for their academic achievements to the ground breaking of a new homeless lodge, plenty of good news took place throughout Northeast Mississippi last week. Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from last week: • Rotary Club of Tupelo […]

Broken lives are important lives, and thank goodness many people recognize that fact. One person who takes time to reach out to those whom many in society would consider broken is Greg Pannell. And part of his compassion stems from the fact that, by his own admission, his life was once broken. Pannell handles most […]

Is everyone who plays fantasy sports a gambler? Of course not, just as not everyone who plays poker or blackjack is a gambler. But are fantasy sports considered gambling by a substantial portion of the people who play it? Absolutely. Ask Joe Asher, operator of Nevada sports book operator William Hill U.S., who told the […]

I’m sure many of your readers are aware that Thursday, May 5, is the annual National Day of Prayer. What a beautiful expression of love for our country. It would be great to have a grand outpouring of our citizens both locally and around the country. It only lasts from 12:20 to 12:40 p.m. at […]

Tupelo’s voters go the polls Tuesday for the sixth time to approve or disapprove a 10-mill property tax to fund the city’s Major Thoroughfare Program. Supporters of the MTP have prevailed by landslide margins in the previous five referendums; funds have been raised to build major new streets and improve existing ones citywide. A simple […]