Last Saturday, Donald Trump delivered a speech in Gettysburg, Pa., that he should have given much earlier in the campaign, minus the usual threats against women who have accused him of sexual assault. The speech, which was probably written for him because “deep” and “thinker” are likely not the first two words that spring to […]

Leading Republicans all around the country are conceding the defeat of Donald Trump on Nov. 8. But that word hasn’t reached this bastion of nouveau Republicanism down here. Not only is Gov. Phil Bryant, et al, still pushing Trump as their leader but the governor (and the state Republican chairman) went out to Las Vegas […]

Beyond the controversial national political headlines, some states and counties are also making news because they’re adopting methods to make voting faster, easier and more efficient. Among the progressive technology counties is Lee, where an electronic poll book will be used in the Nov. 8 general election to check and record the ballots cast. The […]

Dollars to doughnuts that any rewrite or modernization of the Mississippi Adequate Eduction Funding Formula will not include the word shall – as in “the Legislature shall fully fund” the school funding formula. No doubt, placing the language that the Legislature shall fully fund the formula into law has caused more heartburn and dissension than […]

Why does election day always come right after Halloween? Simple. Halloween always comes the day before All Hallows Day, a Christian holiday honoring the dead. It was believed that on the eve of that holiday, the dead rose from the grave in their own celebration called the danse macabre. Early politicians seized on that belief […]

Consider children in the upcoming vote Election Day is fast approaching and it can probably be said that never in the history of our nation has there been a presidential elector that impacted future generations as this one will. And, it is probably also true that there has never been a presidential election where the […]

North Mississippi Health Services, which operates important hospitals in north Mississippi, and United Health Care, an insurance provider, play a major role in our region’s health industry. Their disagreement about charges and reimbursements handled by United under its contract with NMHS could lead to the end of the contract in a little more than two […]

Ever hear of John Bouie? How about Cathy Toole? Dennis Quinn? Richard McCluskey? Those who go to their voting places across Mississippi, depending on where they live, will see those names. They are candidates for Congress. Given different circumstances, these unknowns could have more impact on our daily lives than Donald J. Trump or Hillary […]

The trees may be turning red, orange, and yellow as the fall season gets underway, but for many pink is the color of October. Pink ribbons, pink football cleats, and even a pink-painted fighter jet are just a few ways Americans are showing support during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These popular awareness campaigns and […]