I’ve got a clear memory of a tornado carving its way through Tupelo, but it doesn’t necessarily line up with the video I shot on April 28, 2014. YouTube can show you how the tornado looked, but it only suggests how it felt. Meteorologists told us trouble could be heading our way that day, and […]

He wore an open-collar polka-dot shirt the way some men wear Gucci. He had swagger and style and a gap-toothed smile the width of the Mississippi at flood stage. I stood in a long line waiting to shake Percy Sledge’s hand. He was being inducted into the then-new Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia, […]

Northeast Mississippi’s unemployment statistics released this week offer an encouraging statement about the region’s economy, perhaps the strongest affirmation so far of a comeback after the Great Recession late in the first decade of the century. Business Editor Dennis Seid reported in Thursday’s Daily Journal that “figures released by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, […]

“That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain…” – Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address ––––– While the U.S. military in recent years has had a difficult time winning wars, it has had an easier time surrendering to political correctness and social experimentation. Arguments against gays in the military were […]

The Coffee Clutchers had convened a special meeting (read “inquisition”) to vote on my continued membership. Somebody had gotten word that I’d recently bought a vehicle with an automatic transmission. I questioned silently why a group that welcomes some well-known sluggards would worry about this particular kind of shiftlessness. I pleaded my case: I had […]

Use precise language in claiming ‘proof’ We agree with the general premise of Amber Nichols Buckley’s column (April 22) on the importance of a quality early childhood education center (ECEC). However, one statement could not go without comment and correction. She states, “It has been proven that quality pre-K education provides students with the skills […]

Mississippians, like people in every other state, can celebrate National Park Week with deep appreciation that the federal government began more than a century ago setting aside and protecting the natural and human events history of the nation for posterity. Mississippi, perhaps to the surprise of many, has 10 locales qualifying as national parks or […]

Republicans captured the Mississippi House in the 2011 elections for the first time since the late 1800s thanks in large part to voters in Northeast Mississippi. In 2011, Republicans captured four crucial House seats in Northeast Mississippi previously held by Democrats Billy McCoy of Rienzi, Jimmy Puckett of Amory, Jack Gadd of Hickory Flat and […]

In 1944, a 12-member State College Board (formally Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning) was written into the state constitution as a blue ribbon governance to protect higher education institutions from persistent political interference. Back then, there was only one designated university and not more than 20,000 students attended the seven institutions then governed […]