Riots this week in Ferguson, Missouri, protesting the decision by a state grand jury not to indict a white policeman who shot and killed Michael Brown Jr., a black teenager, last August, constitute a confirmation of how deeply troubled many communities in the United States remain on issues of race. In most cases, as apparently […]

My hometown of St. Louis has given up its sad secrets. Journalists – like tourists taking in the sights of social dysfunction – have explored its courthouses, its speed traps, its racial tensions and its redlined housing history. Cable television has carried images of burning cars and tear gas, which better qualify as – breaking […]

First thing’s first: Happy birthday to my beautiful bride, Sue. Remember the old “Bowling for Dollars” programs? Me, neither. But that’s what college football reminds me of when there are enough bowl games to accommodate every institution of higher education in the country except the Bottom Ten universities, two chiropractic colleges and a fundamentalist Unitarian […]

Does the community in which you live have strong, positive race relations?

Will you or did you have a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends?

It has pleased Almighty God to prolong our national life another year, defending us with His guardian care against unfriendly designs from abroad and vouchsafing to us in His mercy many and signal victories over the enemy, who is of our own household. It has also pleased our Heavenly Father to favor as well our […]

It’s not merely the Mississippi prison vendor contracts that should draw scrutiny in the wake of the Chris Epps corruption probe. The state’s private prison contracts should also be examined. Why? Because the Epps indictment draws into question not just the vendor contracts Epps signed and brokered, but the overall direction of the state’s correctional […]

Voter photo ID – Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s claim to fame – continues to be a divided national story. Adherents and foes are still up on opposite sides months after some observers (Hosemann among them) declared it was a settled issue. The recent midterms focused new attention on what impact voter ID had […]

Does your county have any resort permits from Alcohol Beverage Control of the Department of Revenue?