The anxiety of sitting in a quiet room for hours and being tested on a wide range of subjects all at once always got to me as a high school student. That’s why I admittedly didn’t perform as well on the ACT as many of my friends and peers. It wasn’t necessarily a failure to […]

Let’s get real. Ignore political ideology for a moment. Mississippi is a poor state, persistently landing near the bottom on income, health, and education rankings. Many families depend heavily on federal benefits to survive. So, too does state government (44 percent of total spending). Many small businesses’ survival depends heavily on federally subsidized families and […]

Viewer expresses frustration with WTVA/DirecTV impasse I am writing in frustration with the disagreement between WTVA/DirecTV. I know the station is not locally owned and their corporate people have no compassion for local viewers. I know the Daily Journal is unlikely to take an editorial stand on this situation, however, any help you out there […]

Ninety-one-year-old former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter, 89, laced up their work boots this week to take part in a Habitat for Humanity build in Memphis. They weren’t doing light work; the couple pried nails and raised walls and generally showed they still know their way around a hammer. The couple has […]

For whatever reason, this summer was very chaotic and stressful. I began to complain within myself about having to take care of everything for my children for college and for my household. The air conditioner messed up and water ran all over my floor. Tyler hit a deer, and as the policyholder, I had to […]

I can’t say temptation is always a bad thing. Most days this week, I’ve walked by an object that I’d like to claim as my own. It’s a green BMX bike, specifically, a Chaos FS20, with bars coming out from the center of the wheels, so my friends can stand there while I do the […]

It’s almost like one of those “Where’s Waldo?” books, when you find the man in the funny cap on every page in every location in every situation. The subtitle of Whisperin’ Bill Anderson’s new book, “An Unprecedented Life in Country Music,” is not hyperbole. You find Whisperin’ Bill grooming country legend Connie Smith, singing to […]

Changing federal laws and policies impact public education nationwide. They also don’t exempt Mississippi from anything for which other states will be held accountable. Because the new law, called ESSA, replaces the venerable No Child Left Behind Act, understanding it is essential. ESSA stands for Every Student Succeeds Act. The Mississippi Department of Education has […]

Why do some organizations thrive and really make a difference when others seem to be just hanging on? One thorough research project revealed that there are several things that make a significant difference in the success of associations. This research, which was conducted by the American Association of Society Executives, was presented in a book […]