Will the Mississippi Republican party’s divisions over the U.S. Senate primary runoff affect Thad Cochran’s chances for re-election in November against Democrat Travis Childers?

Mississippi Republican Party chairman Joe Nosef has an impossible job in keeping the state GOP united in the aftermath of the U.S. Senate runoff. It appears he’s realized that and is publicly losing patience with Chris McDaniel and his campaign. For the chairman of a state party with a high-ranking six-term senator facing a heated […]

Last week, Natchez aldermen – three of them at least – jumped deep into the middle of the latest storm engulfing the Natchez-Adams School District. Aldermen normally live on the fringes of such school weather disturbances since the city board selects three of the five Natchez-Adams School Board members. That means the highly political aldermen […]


Civil society requires civil leadership. Just as Ronald Reagan defined civil society – order with virtue, he also was the epitome of civil leadership – strong but conciliatory, demanding but willing to compromise, conservative but willing to work across party lines. Reagan said, “Our first president, George Washington, Father of our Country, shaper of the […]

Long-time resident longs for intra-county accords I live in a newly annexed area of Tupelo and am on North Lee Water. I have been on North Lee Water for 25 years, and for 25 years I have often had discolored water and many boil water notices. I was opposed to being annexed because Tupelo had […]

Mississippi’s legislative leadership last week began considering the work-up of a budget for the 2015-2016 budget year, the biggest issue on the agenda of an election-year session beginning in early January. The gist of the discussion made public last week was the necessity of efficiency _ adopting “performance-based” measures over a period of several years […]

Tomorrow it will have been three months. No doubt it seems longer for the people whose lives and surroundings were turned upside down by the April 28 tornado. It has been long enough to get past the initial numbing shock, but the difficult work of full recovery won’t be finished for a long time to […]

The world has been so chaotic lately that it was easy to overlook two U.S. diplomatic maneuvers – involving the turbulent nations of Afghanistan and Iran – that avoided what could have been dangerous ruptures. The architect of these two agreements was Secretary of State John Kerry, who these days seems to be in constant […]