Big hopes for sunny weekend

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It’s Mother Nature’s time to tease all of us, isn’t it?

Quite obviously, most of us dirt-diggers have been at this long enough to know it’s not time to plant much new except those cold-hardy things like peas and spinach.

It reminds me of The Easter-Outfit Curse – to insist upon wearing that new Easter dress, only to freeze yourself half silly from the vanity. Same applies to garden plants.

And so, I’ve been trying to control myself by just making plans for the garden, generally because it’s been too wet to do anything with the soil.

But I’m hoping this weekend will be different and dry enough for another workout.

Two weekends ago was fabulous when the late-winter sun gorgeously warmed us all.

My neighbor, Susan McGukin, was nice enough to come over and advise me about expanding my front flower bed with some evergreen additions. She also reminded me about using my garden hose to find a shape that suited my purposes and muscle-power.

And so, if anybody saw me dragging the yellow hose, that’s what I was doing. I found a most appealing, undulating shape and got busy shoveling its border.

Then I hauled out my little electric tiller and went wild on the grass/weed territory I had staked out between the existing bed and its new boundary.

What joy! I had so much fun that I ran the tiller through it all one way, then reversed course and did it again, and again.

Then it was time for sober reflection, and so I hauled out a small portable chair and sat there, in the middle of the yard, to consider what I wanted to accomplish with this new enterprise.

Well, of course, I said to myself, I want some semi-tall evergreens to give the bed “bones,” especially during the winter when the perennials die back.

Out came the garden books.

Does anybody remember James Crockett of ETV’s “Crockett Victory Garden” back in the late 1970s? They hooked me good and I now possess perhaps a dozen hardcover books that accompanied his series.

As I tried to remember exactly when Mr. Crockett got me interested in gardening, I realized it was 30-ish years ago in a tough economy just like this one. That’s when lots of people got interested in being more self-sufficient because of the Arab Oil Embargo.

I’ve got more than just a feeling that more folks are making plans this spring for a garden, even if it’s a small one like mine.

This weekend I’ll plant more thornless blackberries and some hops.

The latter’s challenge is to create a trellis high enough to help them grow. I’m eyeing the upstairs bathroom window to drop my lines.

Wonder if anybody has registered the Tupelo Brew name?

I can’t think of much better on a hot day, after the garden’s been tended.

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