CAPITOL BLOG: Expanding Medicaid?

By Bobby Harrison/NEMS Daily Journal


Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer was photographed in 2012 shaking her finger in President Barack Obama’s face as he landed at the airport in her state.

She looked angry. But in hindsight, she might have been saying, “Mr. President we are going to expand Medicaid in my state — just wait and see.”

Brewer, the darling of the conservative movement, used that same, finger-pointing tenaciousness to force her Republican dominated Legislature to expand Medicaid. She essentially told the Legislature she would veto everything it passed until Medicaid was expanded.

Politics is hard to predict.

Just think back to the late 1960s when then-Mississippi Gov. John Bell Williams, who voted against Medicaid when in the U.S. Congress, convinced his state Legislature to opt into the original Medicaid program.

Will Mississippi be the last state to expand Medicaid this time around?

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