Celebrating salvation, spring flowers, wiggly teeth

She’s usually shy, this little girl with glasses and light brown hair. But on April 5, she made a bold decision showing confidence beyond her nine years. With thoughtful prayer, you see, this child of God made her profession of faith, marching down the aisle of Calvary Baptist Church to invite Jesus into her heart.
It was a big moment in a little Christian’s life, and it reminds her mama of my own such decision, made at the conclusion of a long-ago Vacation Bible School at another Calvary Baptist Church, this one in Adams County.
With personal salvation comes responsibility, and I’m sorry to say I haven’t always held up my end of the bargain. But that’s part of the beauty of being a Christian, knowing that my sins have been – and continue to be – washed away by the blood of the Lamb.
Daughter’s decision was made public on Palm Sunday, with a sermon that included a description of the final days of Christ. And to show us just how important our savior’s death really is, our pastor read aloud “secrets” – origins unknown – written on cards that were then nailed to a large cross.
With every whack of the hammer, the weight of each sin was driven home. Maybe they weren’t our sins, but we in the pews could relate nonetheless: jealousy of a sister, an abortion, an extramarital affair, cheating on income taxes, lying. All were nailed to the cross in a painful, powerful example of why Christ died for us.
And then came Resurrection Sunday. The music and message celebrating our risen Lord gives me goose bumps every Easter, and this year was no different. Except here I was, not only looking at Easter through the eyes of a Christian, but through the eyes of a brand-new Christian.
The lesson of rebirth and renewal also is evident in the world around us, and spring is more than noticed in our household. The 14 daffodils that popped up in our yard in late February were friends whose passing we mourned with last month’s snowfall. And after the early April frost, imagine our surprise when the dianthus we planted last summer began blooming at the backdoor.
“Jesus is like the flowers,” Daughter said. “They died and then they rose again.”
The littlest Miller, at 6 years old, makes the connection in a different way.
On Sunday, she was thrilled to bits with the news that she finally had a wiggly tooth. A second one was discovered on Monday. It’s been hurting her feelings that most of peers already have lost at least one of their pearly whites, but the prospect of a visit from the Tooth Fairy is much more important than a kindergarten rite of passage.
“It means I have two new little teeth that are trying to grow,amp” she said. amp”My teeth will grow back just like Jesus.”
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Ginny Miller

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