Columbus police chief shows leadership

By The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus

Selvain McQueen has yet to reach his one-year anniversary as the Columbus Police Department’s chief. In any organization, gaining a full understanding of your environment, personnel, relationships takes time.
But it seems more and more apparent that McQueen has already made the most critical choice: Bureaucrat or leader? We are encouraged to note that he has chosen the latter role.
Invariably, when a new manager arrives to take over an operation, you begin to see evidence of who that person will become early on. That is true for police chiefs, mayors, school superintendents and, yes, even newspaper editors. Effective leaders tend to streamline procedures.
The best of them are intensely interested in the people they serve. McQueen called it “taking it to the streets.”
You can certainly see both kinds of managers in Columbus and it doesn’t require much insight to know which are the leaders and which are the bureaucrats. McQueen, although certainly not flawless, has shown himself to be a leader. We wish others would follow his example.
– The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus

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