DAVID CLARKE: Cochran fights for Mississippi every day



Lots has been said about the June 3 election for the Republican nomination for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race, and there’s more to come. Unfortunately, one candidate’s claims have gone largely unchallenged.

Tea Party extremist Chris McDaniel is challenging Sen. Thad Cochran and is irresponsibly misleading voters by trying to paint Cochran as a big spender.

Relying on canned talking points from his D.C.-based backers, McDaniel tries to blame the national debt on Cochran’s success in fighting for Mississippi in Washington. Someone needs to tell McDaniel that erasing everything Cochran’s done for Mississippi wouldn’t reduce the debt one cent. Every dollar Cochran has brought to Mississippi would have been spent elsewhere.

McDaniel, who is a trial lawyer, is trying to stoke the fires of voter disenchantment by throwing around “constitution,” “liberty,” and “courage.” This does not qualify him to be a U.S. senator.

Mississippians should reject his empty rhetoric.

McDaniel won’t tell you that our debt is being driven by entitlement programs, not annual discretionary programs. The Appropriations Committee, where Cochran is the most senior Republican, only has control over the latter.

Discretionary spending is considered by the Appropriations Committee every year and provides support for priorities like our military, veterans, and research.

Appropriations does not have jurisdiction over mandatory spending for entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, which were put on autopilot by laws passed in 1939 and 1965. The only way to truly rein in federal spending without raising taxes is to reform these programs.

Discretionary appropriations, where Cochran plays a key role, have remained relatively constant for the past 50 years, and that spending has been significantly reduced in recent years, thanks in large part to his leadership.

Chris McDaniel won’t tell you that.

The Appropriations Committee has no control over how big the annual federal spending pie is. Overall pie size is set by separate legislation written by a different committee. Appropriations only controls how the pie is sliced and served.

Once the pie size is locked in for the year, Cochran always muscles up for bigger slices for Mississippi. It’s practical and possible to fight for both smaller pies and bigger slices.

If the government is going to build a ship, Cochran says build it in Pascagoula. If the government is going to research how to increase agricultural yields, research it at MSU. If it’s going to be done anyway, don’t surrender it to California or New York or Chicago.

McDaniel spoke at MSU recently, declaring to a sparse crowd that he wants to be like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Utah Sen. Mike Lee. Asked to name one specific instance when either of those politicians was successful in reducing spending or helping his home state, McDaniel was stumped.

The correct answer to both of those questions is, “There is none.”

What McDaniel really seems to want is fame. He says whatever he thinks gets him on TV.

Cochran simply goes to work every day to fight for Mississippi, no fanfare.

I recommend McDaniel actually show up for his current job and learn to be an effective state legislator. Leave the complex, serious problems of our time to someone who understands the responsibility of representing all Mississippians: Thad Cochran.

David Clarke is a graduate student in accounting at Mississippi State University. He is from Greenville, and served a student internship in Sen. Cochran’s Washington office. Contact him at P.O. Box 4036, Mississippi State, MS 39762

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  • vechorik

    Show up? Cochran’s legislative attendance record is pretty dang bad! It would also be nice if the Barbour/Cochran ads didn’t stretch the truth to the point of lying. Like: Cochran’s ad 100% pro-life score is only for his LAST term! – Abortion Distortion article: http://ow.ly/vJ3Nw and
    Cochran/Barbour ad says he voted “over 100 times against Obamacare”

    There are less than 60 Obamacare VOTES on record! What I will never forgive Cochran/Barbour for is their “guilt by unknown association” and throwing the race card at McDaniel. They are desperately dishonest in this campaign.

  • vechorik

    You’re right about Cochran “no fanfare” though. I want a US Senator who is more vocal in Washington and will lead the charge on issues that are important to Mississippians. That’s McDaniel. As a national spokesperson for the state, we can achieve success instead of remaining last in almost every measurement the last 40 years. McDaniel and Levin last night, national radio: Mark Levin said “I can’t think of a single fight he’s (Thad Cochran) ever led in Washington.” #MSpol @CMForUSSenate http://t.co/iaENVDzfXM

    • countrydawg

      Is this the same Mark Levin who shills for these for these tea party groups to the tune of over $750k (linkage: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/04/tea-party-radio-network-105774.html?ml=tb)? I’d endorse a neo-confederate simpleton if someone paid me nearly a million bucks, I guess.

      • 1941641

        Levin and McDaniel are, as they say, “two peas in a pod together.” Neither one enhances the other based on their “true” resumes. They just basically cancel each other out!

        Thad Cochran, The Mississippi Gentleman, will go back to Washington in a landslide victory!

  • vechorik

    I also would like to know why the US Chamber and the Cochran/Barbour team push for more immigration despite the political cost

  • sarah k

    Cochran wants to spend more tax payer money… That is the main reason why he is being challenged. We will soon find out if his tax payer funded distribution of tax payer dollars has purchased him enough votes through the years to seal the fate of our country. Our country is on the brink of financial disaster and Cochran wants to spend more money.

    Regarding the lies about McDaniel… keep it up! Mississippians hate liars.

  • Barry Neyrey

    No doubt Senator Cochran, who has been in Congress (congress = house & senate) since Nixon was president, has done a fine job of doing what was expected for his time. Today our problems are very much different. Today we have a socialist movement taking over OUR US Government with an out of control executive branch bureaucracy. Today, a quiet negotiating appropriator is not helping and in fact could be hurting America and Mississippi. Merely voting against ObamaCare is not enough. Today the job of US Senator from MS calls for courage, vitality and the willingness to speak out and lead in the fight against the decline of America and the demise of our individual freedoms and private property rights. Today, Big Washington has become an aristocracy and considers the citizens of Mississippi and all states to be subjects to managed not employers to be served. Now is the time for new blood in Washington. Someone young, vital and experienced in fighting for the our freedoms and property rights that are guaranteed in the constitution. Ms Senator Chris McDaniel is that new blood that will go to Washington to push back against the Big Government Totalitarian Regime that is forcing evil things like Nationalized Medicine, Amnesty for Illegals and a war on cheap energy down our throats every day. We need and more like him in the Senate if we want to save America.

    • 1941641

      We already have a semi-SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT in America today. It works good for me and most other people. Like the majority of Americans, I do not want further expansion of the Tea Party- style government! I have witnessed enough of it since it fluttered up from right-wing political extremists like Sen. Cruz and his ilk, including the billionaire Kotch/Crotch Brothers empire.

      I figure MS Sen. McDaniel will do real well to keep his seat in the Mississippi Senate where he can sit at the right-hand of Gov. “Fundie” Phil Bryant at least until the voters of Mississippi finally become aware of what a raw deal they are getting out of Jackson.

      Meantime, Sen. Thad Cochran will go back to Washington to take-up where he left-off.

      • Barry Neyrey

        The Tea Party started with Big Washington giving billions of our earnings to Wall Street supporters and then grew with the Washington Regime giving more billions to Democrat Party supporters and disguising it as “stimulus”.
        The problem with Socialism is that since it involves stealing you
        have to have a totalitarian government to enforce it. And while the
        totalitarian regime is confiscating your property to give to their
        supporters they are skimming hefty chunks of your earnings for
        themselves. Worse, some of the rulers in the socialist totalitarian
        regime get so drunk with power they will do anything to keep it. And,
        the people who become dependent on the socialist totalitarian regime are
        so scared of loosing their free stuff that they turn over massive power
        to the regime. Also consider that when the producers get sick of the
        regime stealing the product of their labor, they quit producing. All of
        this results in a National Socialist Party or USSR, Red China, Cuba, or
        I hate to be cliche but “the problem with socialism
        is that at some point you run out of other people’s money”. I think
        America is about at that point. Now the regime is forced to create money
        out of thin air to buy enough votes and satisfy the takers’ demands.
        Have you noticed prices of food, gasoline and electricity lately?

        • 1941641

          Now the regime is forced to create money out of thin air to buy enough votes and satisfy the [“takers'”] demands. Have you noticed prices of food, gasoline and electricity lately?

          [“Takers”] what is your definition of that word? Frankly, I thought it referred to the Tea Partiers continually having to take money from the Kotch Brothers. If so,that alone could be causing the market for “gasoline, food, and electricity” to become inflated. Moreover, Tea Party folk I know around Tupelo really like to eat the very best food available, drive around the country sightseeing regularly, and keep the cooling system on high while hanging around the house watching the yard-man mow their grass, trim their shrubs, walk the dog, etc… That’s MY personal definition of “Takers.”

          • Barryjohn7714

            I take it you are a total Communist? You know good and well that the
            people you are whining about earned what they have and deserve to enjoy
            the fruit of their labor. The takers are those who want what others have
            earned. That want is known as envy which is a sin or at the least a
            character flaw. Stop blaming everyone else for you troubles and get a
            job or a better job or a better education that can lead to a better

          • FrereJocques

            The “Takers” that I know, and as you describe them, are the ones who are desperately trying to keep their heads above water while paying the rent or mortgage, putting food on the table, keeping a vehicle in a driveable condition, and hoping and praying they don’t get sick and can’t work.

            OTOH, the “Takers”, as *I* understand them, are the bankers that screwed the economy by cheating, insider trading, and otherwise breaking the law and are now hoarding hundred of BILLIONS of dollars that they refuse to release so the economy can grow again. The “Takers” are the big industrialists who moved all the middle-class jobs overseas, just so they could put more money in their own pockets. And last but not least, the “Takers” are the TeePee hypocrites who now say that since the wealthy “Takers” have taken everyone’s money away, and you’re broke through no fault of your own, you don’t deserve to have a life beyond what it takes to barely survive. Oh, scratch that last comment–you really don’t WANT them to survive. If they get laid off, they can live on the street. They can beg on the street corner for food, or go dumpster-diving. And if they get sick, they should hurry up and die before they use up too much expensive medication.

            Rich people like to espouse a “Free Economy”, otherwise known as “Capitalism”. But Capitalism only works when it is tempered by justice, mercy, and charity. What was it Jesus told the Rich Young Ruler who came to Him, asking Him, “Lord, what must I do to be saved?” Obeying the laws and the prophets was not the only requirement. Jesus told him, “Go and sell all that you have, and give it to the poor. Then you shall have treasure in Heaven.” What did the Rich Young Ruler do? He “turned away sorrowful”. OTOH, Jesus Himself fed the multitudes who came to hear Him speak, and had no food of their own.

            How many people have YOU fed, Barryjohn?

            You and your ilk like to complain about all the cheaters and crooks taking welfare that don’t deserve it. Undoubtedly there are some, but I believe the number is much lower than you believe. And you would deny those who truly need help because of a few abusers?

            If you really want to be a hero, go after the bankers who are STILL using other peoples’ money to make themselves rich. These people are LEECHES on the World’s economy. They do NOTHING to earn what they take. “They toil not, neither do they spin”.

            But that is not the goal of the TeePee party. I find it insightful that the Party’s biggest backer is the Koch brothers. You asked 194161 if he was a total Communist. He is not, and neither am I. You, on the other hand, are a total Ebenezer Scrooge.

  • vechorik

    Cochran/Barbour erroneously say McDaniel voted in a Democratic primary, but won’t admit Cochran was a Democrat #MSpol http://ow.ly/vXcDk

    • 1941641

      If Cochran were to be running as a Democrat against McDaniel, Cochran would still win and win Big Time! Furthermore, even if I happened to be running against McDaniel as a Liberal Democrat, I would win Big Time! Let’s just admit it, McDaniel hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in Satanville of beating Cochran or me,the Tupelo Liberal, or even an Old Rat’s Patootee for Mississippi Senator!

  • FrereJocques

    Boy, the McDaniel propaganda machine has really cranked up over this article.

    The real truth, inconvenient as it is, was covered in the article: Thad Cochran has done what any good Senator would do for his state. He has not caused the Federal deficits; he doesn’t appropriate the amount of money to be spent in any given year. Rather, he fights for as much of the money THAT WILL BE SPENT ANYWAY to come to Mississippi. If the money hadn’t been spent in MS, it would have been spent in some other state. Don’t you get that?

    Electing McDaniel to Congress will not reduce the Federal deficit by one dime. It will merely mean that money that would have/could have come to MS will go elsewhere. Even McDaniel himself has admitted this, when he concedes that his mentors Ted Cruz et.al. have had no effect in reducing spending. And their home states have suffered for it.

    McDaniel has even said publicly that, if you are affected by a natural or even made-made disaster, HE IS NOT GOING TO BE THERE TO HELP YOU. Remember that, when the next Katrina hits, or the Mississippi River floods, or a tornado wipes out your town, and you need help for you and your community to rebuild.

    Electing Chris McDaniel is the very embodiment of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    • vechorik

      Any warm body in Washington would have obtained MS’s fair share of Katrina money. To insinuate otherwise, insults intelligence of the voters. How about defending Cochran’s record instead of spinning McDaniel’s? Lord knows voters need answers. No speaking appearances and no town halls by Cochran to speak to the people? Not even in his listed home town of Tupelo when they have asked him to speak? They know why.

    • Barry Neyrey

      Mr FrereJacques, you’re statement that McDaniel would not help is an outright lie. I have personally heard him say that he is all for disaster relief. Where his words were twisted was when he said, “without reading the bill…… that would be a tough vote to cast.” Most everything you say is a lie. How do you explain Cochran voting to raise the debt ceiling 20 times? The real issue though is that today we need someone to stand up and fight against the Washington ruling class and the tyrannical actions of the current White House Regime. This is simply beyond Cochran’s capabilities.

      • 1941641

        I would not say you are telling a lie. I just don’t believe you know all you need to know to accuse Frere of telling one.

        • Barry Neyrey

          Frere said that McDaniel said, ” if you are affected by a natural or even made-made disaster, HE IS NOT GOING TO BE THERE TO HELP YOU.” I have heard Senator McDaniel say in person at least three times, “certainly I would support disaster relief for Mississippi. I would just want to make sure that the money was going to go to the people who need it.” What I heard McDaniel say exactly contradicts what Frere claims McDaniel has said. I know McDaniel well enough to know he wouldn’t say what Frere claims. Therefor I know for a fact that Frere is lying.

          • 1941641

            “Certainly I would support disaster relief for Mississippi. I would just want to know if it was going to the people who need it.”
            This is exactly how I would feel if McDaniel was senator. Where did the money go? Did the people who needed it receive it? Or, was it “McDaniel” who managed to stick it in his own pocket somehow? Can I trust him?

            Sen. Cochran has the reputation of being an honest man through many years in Washington. From what I have seen and read about Mr. McDaniel, he is another radical Tea Party extremist who is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator from Mississippi or any other state. It’s even hard for me to believe he managed to be elected a Mississippi Senator the first time.

            I predict a victory for the incumbent Thad Cochran,

          • Barry Neyrey

            You clearly don’t know anything about Senator McDaniel. I would have agreed with you about Senator Cochran’s honesty until these ads came out that lie about McDaniel’s Senate voting record and his profession. But then, he Senator probably isn’t aware of what’s being done by his campaign on his behalf.

      • FrereJocques

        Everything I said is a lie, huh? Here’s Chris McDaniel, quoted from a speech at the University of Mississippi in February: “I’m not going to do anything for you. I’m going to get the government
        off your back, then I’m going to let you do it for yourself.” Yes, he later backed off that position, but the truth had come out.

        McDaniel promises to repeal Obamacare. Hate to disappoint you, but it ain’t gonna happen. Obamacare is here to stay. And the more people experience it, the more they like it.

        Cochran voted to increase the debt limit because, unlike McDaniel, he has the common sense to understand that shutting down the Federal government does far more harm than good. Even the Conservatives (not including of course the nutcase TeePee party types) now agree on this.

        • Barry Neyrey

          Yes Frere and you make my point for me. You now post the actual quote which is quite different from your initial post which was obviously a lie. Your statement about ObamaCare tells me that I’m debating a Liberal Democrat and not a Republican supporter of Thad Cochran. So what should Republicans think about Cochran’s conservative credentials when he is heavily supported by extreme leftist liberal Dems. I really don’t want to bash Cochran because he did what he was expected to do for a long time. I just want to reiterate that America of 2014 is far different from America of 1973 when Cochran went to Washington. Now let’s take a look at the actual McDaniel quote you posted. You think “I won’t do anything for you”, is a damning thing to say. What people have to realize is that the government can’t give anything to you without first taking it away from someone else. And what do you call it when a candidate tries to get votes by promising people stuff. The word bribery comes to mind. Let me pose a question to all modern Democrats. When in America did people start believing that they have a right to other people’s property? When did people begin to think stealing is ok as long as you outsource it?

          • FrereJocques

            I made a partial quote of what he said. Adding the rest of the quote amplifies the first part of the quote, so it was not a lie. Now I admitted he later backed off that position, but my quote was correct.

            “What people have to realize is that the government can’t give anything to you without first taking it away from someone else.” As the subject is disaster aid, you obviously fail to understand the concept. Disaster relief is PEOPLE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE. If I need disaster relief, then yes, I am using other peoples’ money. When others need disaster relief, THEY are using MY money. It’s a two-way street. I do not begrudge taxes paying for disaster relief, because when *I* need it, it will be there for ME.

            As far as candidates soliciting votes by promising people stuff, this has been going on since the founding of the Republic. What planet have YOU been living on?

            You and your TeePee nutcase friends want to return the country to the Dark Ages. The large majority of people in this country reject that. Whether you like it or not, more and more people are Progressive in their thinking. You talk about individual freedom, yet you would put police in people’s bedrooms, their Doctors’ offices, and restrict the civil rights of those with whom you disagree. Physician, heal thyself.

          • Barry Neyrey

            More generalizations and falsehoods. The Tea Party movement is
            demanding FISCAL SANITY. $17 Trillion in US debt is INSANE! The Tea
            Party also objects to the Washington Ruling Class NATIONALIZING the
            medical industry via ObamaCare, the Banking industry via Dodd-Frank, and
            the Energy industry via unregulated regulations of EPA and Fish &
            Many think the McDaniel vs Cochran race is Establishment vs Tea Party. Really it’s the Washington Lobbyist, Haley Barbour, machine vs. everybody else.


          • FrereJocques

            The $17 trillion Federal debt had its genesis in the NAFTA bill, pushed for and passed by REPUBLICANS. Do you remember when Ross Perot ran for President? He coined the phrase “giant sucking sound”, referring to American jobs migrating to Mexico and other nations. And it happened. Then there was the Great Race to the Bottom for wages and benefits. There went the Middle Class. Today the spread between the richest and the poorest is higher than it’s ever been. And TeePee policy, what I know of it, does not address this issue at all, meaning it will get even worse.

            Practically every modern nation on Earth has passed National Health Care in one form or another. Medical bills have bankrupted millions of people in the U.S. Is it your contention that only the rich should get good medical care? It seems to be. This follows the Republican attitude that the sick people who are poor should hurry up and die before they run up too big a bill.

            The U.S. has nationalized the banking industry? Again, what planet have you been living on? The banking industry won ALL KINDS of concessions and de-regulations from Government control. This was the direct cause of the Recession of 2008 (which IMO is still going on today, despite government efforts to say otherwise).

            The Energy Industry? Hey I’m with you on this one. Government regulations (both State and Federal) have gotten totally out of hand. Obama’s administration has declared war on coal, our energy “ace in the hole”. The environmentalist wackos have run wild in the EPA and some States. The whole nation pays even for what individual states, such as California, does, since the Oil industry is forced to divert expensive resources just to satisfy the laws in that one state alone.

          • Barry Neyrey

            I don’t care what party is running up the National Debt, it’s killing the dollar and our buying power. Have you paid for groceries lately? The debt is $17 Trillion now and was $9.5 Trillion when Obama took office. That’s 44% added by the current Washington Regime.
            Do a little studying on the Dodd-Frank bill passed and signed into law about 2 year ago. This law is putting small banks out of business and allowing the giant banks to get more giant.

            ObamaCare is just plain evil. It probably hasn’t hurt you yet but when it does, you will agree.

          • Todd

            FrereJ….um…which President Signed NAFTA? Seems I remember a Democrat …Bill Clinton. Not saying it was not bad…but do not blame just the Republicans. I do not blame either party on a single issue….I generally blame them all!!

            “Obamacare” is less about Medical reform and more about insurance reform. Not saying things could not and should not have changed, but there were better ways to cover the uninsured. I think most American’s have no idea what is coming….and most of the change has yet to be implemented. Like the $50,000 tax bill my company gets next year. $63 for every person under our Health care plan. That is per head not just the primary policy holder. Just another tax. Does not reduce what our employees or company pay for healthcare. Goes to a giant pig trough in DC ($25 billion last count/estimate I saw / read).

          • FrereJocques

            OK, my bad on this one. Bill Clinton did indeed sign the NAFTA legislation. I read somewhere that Bush did.

            I always take these statements of how much the companies are going to have to pay in extra taxes with a grain of salt. I’m not sure anyone yet knows, because many of the regulations are yet to be written, and those that are are subject to being changed.

            Obamacare COULD have been a lot better if the Republicans had worked WITH the President to make the best bill possible, instead of sabotaging it at every opportunity in an effort to make it fail.

          • Barry Neyrey

            Democrat House and Senate leaders would not allow a single Republican amendment to even be discussed. Democrats blocked any and all Republican input and even shut them out of closed door meetings when the bill was being marked up. In public Obama says he’s willing to listen, in practice, no way.

          • FrereJocques

            Disingenuous. Democrats blocked the votes (and discussions) because they were a waste of time. As I said, the Republicans were not looking to improve the bill, they were looking to sabotage it. The Democrats knew what was in the proposed amendments, and knew they had no chance of passing.

            Another point, the Democrats knew that in the end, the Republicans would vote against the bill. Why allow the bill to be sabotaged by its enemies for nothing?

          • Barry Neyrey

            Yah Whateva.

          • Todd

            Enemies? Really? Wow!!…and you wonder what is wrong with America these days….both sides think they know more than the other and have the only solution when chances are a compromise or at least a discussion is needed.

          • FrereJocques

            Todd, I agree with you on that point. Discussions ARE needed, with the ultimate goal of doing what is right for the people and the nation. But that is not how Washington has been working the last decade or so. Both sides have taken the attitude, “it’s my way or the highway”. This is why Congress has an approval rating lower than a snake’s belly.

            The nation desperately needed health care reform (or insurance reform, however you want to put it). The Repubs had DECADES to come up with a solution, and did SQUAT. The Democrats at least had the fortitude to come up with a plan, that the Repubs attempted to sabotage at every turn. Their goal was NOT to give the people better health care, but to make President Obama look bad. Political pundit Rush Limbaugh himself said that anything and everything that would discredit Obama and bring him down should be done, regardless of the consequences to the people and the nation. And that’s what the Repubs did, and have been attempting to do ever since. This is why I have absolutely no faith and confidence in Conservative-run government. That, and their unholy alliance with the Religious Right, make them unfit for governing.

          • Todd

            forgot to answer/respond to 2nd paragraph…I know EXACTLY how much my company has to pay in new taxes….that is my job…and that particular reg is already out there…

    • Cindy Wood Wilkerson

      Thad Cochran is the Co-Chair of the Appropriations Committee. Lobbyists go to him to get their pet projects passed. He is known as the “King of Pork” in DC not because of what he brings back to Mississippi but what he is helping other states to procure. If you honestly think that he has not helped create the deficits, you are delusional. As for Obamacare, myself and other concerned citizen sat face to face with him in 2012 and begged him to use his appropriations seniority to stop the funding of Obamacare and he said he had more important issues to deal with. He could have blocked the funding but he refused. Cochran stopped responding to the concerns of his constituency a long time ago. It is past time for him to retire.

      • Jack Makokov

        Cool twibbon. You seem like a True Patriot™. Do you know where I could get a “Lebanon 241” one? Thanks in advance.

  • Thile

    This primary is a fine example of a race to the bottom. But keep taking sides, sock puppet posters.

    • Barry Neyrey

      True. Cochran’s staff should refrain from the personal attacks and lies about Senator McDaniel; however, voting records are fair game. Wouldn’t it be great if the two candidates would get together and discuss the issues. Too bad Thad Cochran refuses.

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  • vechorik
  • stevhpk

    Only idiots with their hands out for handouts support the pork barrel
    KING Thady-boy Cochran. You Cochran supporters are comical, you’ve
    turned into democrats and you havent even realized it because all you
    can do is play by the progressive playbook, use the three
    D’s…..Demean, Destroy and distort. How about this make a list of your
    top 10 reasons why Thadeus Maximus should be re-elected and none of the
    reasons can include attacks on his opponent. You’re reasons cant include
    his willingness to debate because he wont, or that he voted against
    obamacare because he didn’t (cloture look it up) or that he voted to
    eliminate earmarks because the King of earmarking would never do that,
    or that he voted to secure the border by finishing the border fence
    because on that one well he just didn’t find it important enough to even
    vote! Oh heck let’s just go ahead and make a David Letterman style top
    10 list.
    Thad Cochran’s Top 10 Worst Votes.
    10. Thad Cochran Voted for an Internet Sales Tax
    9. Thad Cochran Voted for the Ineffective “Super Committee” Debt Hike
    8. Thad Cochran Voted against Fiscally Conservative Budgets
    7. Thad Cochran Voted to Increase the Federal Minimum Wage
    6. Thad Cochran Has Repeatedly Voted for Big Agriculture’s Corporate Welfare and Food Stamp Bill
    5. Thad Cochran Repeatedly Voted Against Banning Congressional Earmarks
    4. Thad Cochran Voted for the Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike
    3. Thad Cochran Voted for the Federal Takeover of Education
    2. Thad Cochran Voted for Medicare Part D
    And the number one reason God fearing, Hard Working, Tax PAYING Mississippians should NOT vote for Thad Cochran is…
    1. Thad Cochran Voted to Let Harry Reid Fund ObamaCare

    • TWBDB

      I think the choice is simple: it’s time for Cochran to go, McDaniel is just another pandering politician. Let both of them eat each other in the primaries and elect someone centric with a real interest in building a strong, viable, inclusive MS future.

  • Kevin

    I don’t understand why people think the Affordable Healthy Care Act is “nationalizing” the medical industry in the United States when it does nothing even close to nationalization. Instead, the Affordable Health Care Act (derisively referred to as “Obamacare”) merely requires people to get insurance, and the federal government helps out by matching people who need insurance with insurance companies who still get the gobs and gobs of money (mostly from consumers). While some states are participating in the subsidy program, Mississippi is not. This means that if you live in Mississippi and are unable to afford the exorbitant costs of insurance, then you will not have to pay the federally mandated penalty. Now if and only if Mississippi participated in the subsidies, then insurance would be available to the state’s mostly impoverished and uninsured residents at a discount–but the insurance companies would still get their dough–with the lion’s share being borne by the federal government instead of the impoverished consumer.

    Of course, all of this would be moot if employers merely paid a liveable wage, which most do not.